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Monday, February 19, 2018

Dropped pocket cardigan review Jalie 3248

My photographer is supposed to notice things like a wrinkle over my belly, but he never does, sorry
If you live in Canada, as I do, the word cardigan makes you think of something thick and probably pilled that you wrap up in because you are freezing.

Everyone needs a couple of cardigans like that, hanging over the back of the office chair, on a hook near the back door.

But cardigans, done right, can be a pretty classy layering piece, every bit as finished as a jacket when you are a situation where one is required, or you want to look classy when one isn't.

The idea is a twin set, a shell with a matching jacket underneath. As a concept I love twin sets but the boxy just below the waist traditional teams just don't flatter me at all.

I am long and need something longer to feel covered.

But I still wanted to make something twin set-esque and I  had this pattern, Jalie 3248 for a while now:

Interestingly the pattern description says it is meant to be worn over a shell or tank. It makes sense to pay attention to this description.

This is not your cozy winter cardigan. 

The fronts are not meant to meet at all and the sleeves (widen them from the elbow down if you want more room) are narrow, too narrow for a sleeve underneath.

That said for a little something to have on over a shell or tank it is perfect, just perfect.

There is a real place for that little extra something, once the weather warms up. But best of all to me is that this cardigan can add the functionality of real pockets to a summer top.

If the fabric is light enough, this  cardigan is a way of adding pockets without a lot of warmth and weight - I'm thinking of taking your phone with you when you walk on the beach, carrying poop bags when you walk the dog, having your car keys and debit card when you run into the store.

That kind of pockety thing.

So here we go, beautifully shot and styled in the inside of the RV because it started to rain outside.

The shell underneath was made out of an old T shirt pattern I lengthened. Because the rayon knit was so thin I double fronted it and lettuce trimmed the hems by stretching as I rolled hem on my serger.

The cardigan was made from the same colour of a heavier knit, still very light, but with a lot more texture - one of those slub knits that you never know what you can make with it.

I was pretty concerned actually that even this slub knit was too flimsy to really hold a cardigan shape. That was one reason I chose the dropped cardigan pattern.

The fronts are doubled - that's how the the pockets are made, pretty nifty technique as are so many of Jalie's pockets - so that added enough weight to hold the shape of the front edge.

I was so happy with this set I put it in my book - bright I know - but who doesn't need cheerful?

I have another version of this at home - will show you that one when I get back - and I wish I had brought that set with me too for the trip, very useful.

And I am definitely going to make myself another one in white for summer too - there are many times when I walk a beach and need a place for my debit card, my keys, my phone and of course Daisy's little bags.


Diana Griswold said...

Great pattern and fabric choice. Looks like spring, Jill G.

Kansas Sky said...

This is a stunner. I'm taking your advice. I've got the perfect flimsy knit in a lovely dusty pink that I'll make a twin-set from. Yours is so very nice. Thank you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

That yellow is a great color on you, isn't it? And this would be a great use for some linen knit I've been wondering what to do with.....


Pincushion Chronicle said...

I love how this turned out. The color and the lettuce hem are perfect. Love you blog.

beckster said...

This is lovely on you, so springy! I have looked at this pattern, but my main concern is that it flares out right where I am my heaviest around the hips, so I don't think it would be flattering on me. It looks great on long and tall you!

Anonymous said...

Do the pockets really hold a phone? Seem to the color.

Nancy JC said...

Barbara, I am enjoying your indie pattern reviews and so far, in 2018, you have convinced me that I need three of Jalie's patterns! Enjoy your trip across America!

SKP said...

Ah, the summer pocket problem! Thanks for the helpful review. I would also like to know how the pockets perform when you put something heavy in them.

Barbara said...

Pocket report. These pockets are more functional than they look. I can carry my phone in them without worrying that it will fall out as an example. I think the thin fabric makes them look droopier and more open than they are.