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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Laugh of the day

Hi folks.

My daughter just called me in hysterics.

If you google this blog it comes up as lessons from a serial sewing sexist.

My original tag line, and the one from my book, was a serial sewist.

Since this is not a common word, but one the publisher felt was more appropriate than the sewer I always use, it is being automatically changed to sexist.


I have removed the tag line from the blog but even this does not change what Google spits out.

I tend not to worry about details much unless they are under the needle of my sewing machine, but the kids think this needs to be changed.

If anyone out there knows how to do this please let me know, otherwise I will see if I hear back from Google.

I am finding the humour in this however, generally being of the opinion that people, and sewing bloggers, can take themselves too seriously.

So much for trying to upgrade this messy blog.

I stand reminded.


Lynn said...

Hi! Just discussed your problem with my database expert -- my husband, who has worked in data bases for 30 years. He believes the issue arises out of the way web pages are tagged for searches. There is probably nothing you can do internally from your blog webpage to affect the search outcome. The issue undoubtedly started just as you suspect, from the trying to change a rare word into a more commonly searched for term. Asking Google for help may be the only way to get the problem corrected unless you engage one of the firms that help people fix their online reputation and that can be expensive.

beckster said...

Well. My initial response would be to be concerned, but I doubt that many people are googling sewing and sexist in the same line. I think it's great that you are laughing about this. May as well! It's probably not calming or restorative to spend too much time on trying to correct. After all, you may fall into the black hole portion of the internet! Just keep sewing and sharing, please!

Lucille said...

Perfect! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to your talk for the Atlantic Sewing Guild! This is a whole other side to you we'd love to hear about. God bless Google!

TinaD said...

Given recent headlines, you may find you get more hits from “sexist” searches than you do from “sewist.” (I get why the publisher’s objection to sewer, but whatever happened to seamstress? Too gendered? Shades of the professional alterations lady?)

LinB said...

Autocorrect consistently changes "broccoli" to "mendacious" for me.

I don't have a clue how those two words were ever conflated in a programmer's mind.

Jan said...

This is a shot in the dark but I see you also use Blogger (Blogspot) and the message that shows for mine when I google my blog name is the one written by me when I was setting up my blog. Blogger asked me what my blog was about and what I wrote is what show's in the search result. If you go into your blog setup info you might be able to correct the typo yourself. Fingers crossed!