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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Under construction

Hi folks.

I am in the process of getting together the knit hemming reviews. In the meantime I have had a reader suggest that I need to organize this blog better so tutorial type stuff is easier to access.

I am going to work on that, for instance I have added a search function this morning, and hopefully over the next week or so you should see some of those improvements.

My goal is to improve the functionality of this blog, and since I am a DIYer expect that fact to be reflected.

Note I have decided to make the blog easier to use but not to change its character. If you were hoping for more beautiful photos and professional presentation it might be good to bear in mind this is just me here, on my dining room table, in a house full of sewing plans and projects, dogs, small children, a dishwasher that needs emptying, and plain ordinary life. 

Blog design is not my focus to be honest. My effort here is in giving you some solid sewing information when I can and in sharing my perspective on life and sewing in case that might be relevant to someone, somewhere, at some time.

I will try to do that as efficiently as possible. If you have any thoughts on how I can deliver a better blog please let me know. It's you I am talking to here.

In the meantime be patient with my experiments, which of course will be undertaken in such a way as to not cut into my sewing time...


annie said...

There are plenty of blogs with tutorials. I read your blog because it is real life. Please don't change it too much.

Kansas Sky said...

What fun it would be to have you for our neighbor! Your blog is delightful, as you certainly seem to be yourself. THANKS again for all your time and effort. It is deeply appreciated.

sewingkm said...

Please don't change a thing. I love your blog just as it is!

ByGinny said...

It is the writing, the story and the humor that I brings me here.
Don't lose that!

Julie Starr said...

I agree with the others - love your blog just as it is.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog just the way it is!

Brenda said...

LOVE your blog as it is! It is always a great read, pictures are good and content is perfect.

Jess said...

I come here for your writing, the sewing stuff is just a bonus :-)

Cynthia Baker said...

I love your blog for exactly what it is!

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with Jess - the sewing stuff is fascinating but its your voice that makes it rich and enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

I'm singing in the same choir as all the folks above. Don't change a thing Barb.

QuiltLaughLove said...

Your blog is great! Don't kill yourself because of a suggestion from one reader. You can't please everyone but you're pleasing lots of us!

Karen said...

I would read your blog and pearls of wisdom no matter what the format. Content trumps style and we are all here for the content! And anyway I would hate you spending so much time sharing with us that you would have no more time to sew!

Teri on the left coast said...

I, too, wish I lived across the street instead of across the continent. And yes, there are blogs and tutorial sites (many for learning to sew) and you are my 'go to' because I know how to sew but I still learn new stuff from you. You also have posted some of those old Home Ec sites that I love. This knowledge needs to be preserved. I’m printing out as much as I can so I can pass it along to my grand daughter once she is old enough to reach the sewing pedal.
Every time you show up in my in box I am grateful to you, your dining room table, your full dishwasher and for taking time from your life to do this work.
Thank you.
Teri on the left (wet today) coast.

Teri on the left coast said...

Um, if memory serves (and there are days when those words are mutually exclusive), there used to be, at the side of your posts,a listing of previous posts, by date.
I don’t see them now, at least not on my iPad. I used to be able to peruse them and call up particularly interesting ones. Is it just me who doesn’t see them anymore?

Teri on the Left Coast said...

Apparently it was me as they are now the date listing on the side is totally visible. Duh.
So, I was going to say, in response to the comment that it would be good to be able to call up the posts that have tutorials, that perhaps a search with the word 'tutorial' in it would work. Especially if that word were part of the title in the post.
Again, Barb, thank you for doing this work. I know there are boat loads of us who are grateful.

Leigh said...

I agree, I like the format as-is. However, I do like the idea of tagging the content so it is searchable. Like this hemming comparison. It would be convenient for you (and for us) if for example, next year you wanted to link to it, and it was easy to find. I enjoy your chatty style and don't really care about pictures too much. Reasonably blur-free and light enough to see the garment is just fine.

I find the blogs I enjoy the most are the ones that are real life. I stopped following the blogs full of slick effects pics, 'lifestyle photos' and mega produced tutorials.