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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Flypaper thoughts should be in bed version

  • My ham fisted attempts to class up this blog continue
  • See I added my name to the blog title on this page
  • Won't affect searching or finding me
  • So actually why did I do it?
  • Good question
  • Probably because there are sewing schools, workshops, and other places
  • Called sewing on the edge
  • And I thought it was my idea
  • Figured if I added my name I would distinguish myself
  • Name like Emodi you can be pretty sure the field won't be crowded
  • Names that were once made up are good that way
  • Baby steps in the user friendly department
  • Bear with me
  • Being sewing instead
  • Made 11 somethings for Christmas gifts
  • Blog goes a little dark in terms of pictures this time of year
  • The relatives all read in case I talk about them
  • Not much of a production sewer
  • Over and over, how do quilters do it?
  • Got a big Tilley hat in the mail today
  • Had a chunk of skin cancer removed from the side of my nose a few weeks go
  • All good
  • Anyway figured from now on I would go big or stay home
  • Hat-wise
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee told my spouse as a way of deflecting the how much did it cost question
  • Of course it does he said
  • They only sell hats like that to old people
  • You don't see them offering lifetime guarantees to two-year-olds
  • Time that man called it a day I think
  • Pretty sure my niece is now dating my son-in-law's nephew
  • Welcome to Nova Scotia
  • Which we will be leaving some time after Christmas
  • Going to Austin Texas and then California I think
  • Got to do some site visits to make sure the kids don't need buttons sewn on or dish cloths crocheted
  • Pretty sure they aren't taking care of this themselves
  • Any fabric stores I shouldn't miss west of say Tennessee?
  • Tons of flannelette to cut out in the next two days
  • Now there's a fabric
  • Dream to sew and gets stiffer with wear
  • However if it's for gifts that won't be my problem
  • Think about it
  • All other fabrics soften over time
  • Not flannelette
  • Good old prairie material, much like myself
  • Probably would go nicely with the hat
  • Little Billy is with me tomorrow 
  • He'll help me cut
  • Working together on new Batman jammies to replace the ones he trimmed up himself
  • By the way
  • Did you ever notice that all kids can tell you right away what their favourite colour is
  • And want to know yours
  • Why don't adults talk about things like that?
  • What would cocktail parties be like if we replaced what do you do?
  • With what is your favourite colour?
  • Or we introduced ourselves, I was 64 at my birthday party
  • Might be more interesting
  • Best wishes to those of you doing holiday sewing
  • May it not be in velvet
  • May you not scorch it at 11 p.m.
  • May you not have to sew multiples
  • May the easy-to-sew pattern actually be easy
  • And may you get it done early enough to still have time to sew for yourself too


MaryEllen said...

Sewing the same holiday gift over & over for me is very freeing - but on a regular basis I️ don’t sew the same item . Your comments always bring a smile to me !

Linda Evans said...


BarbaraShowell said...

Probably the only Christmas sewing at my house this year will be finishing a quilt I started in August. It has 3,376 curved seams in it. I'm seeing the end of piecing coming, then I just have to sandwich and machine quilt it, then ship. The recipient is most deserving of it.

Lyndle said...

My father in law has claimed on his lifetime guarantee, after 31 years. The edge of the brim was fraying a bit. Tilley put a big X over the label and gave it back to him and he brought it back to New Zealand so I could zig zag over the frayed bit and he could have a spare for gardening.
I can come up with a favourite colour if pushed and even a favourite dinosaur but I find a favorite superhero, pokemon or Barbie movie a bit harder.
Here in the southern hemisphere we are all too busy doing our gardens and finishing all those work projects that were promised by Christmas school exams and planning summer holidays to do much in the way of homemade gifts so people just have to put up with rubbish we buy each other at the open-till-midnight shops. My family has kind of given up on that. My exception is that i am knitting my sister a wild tea cosy with fruit, and cross stitching her a thing saying “it’s all natural” (her standard response to her children if they show any signs of prudery). With fornicating cross stitch bunnies. And another animal, but I haven’t decided what yet.
If you ever come to New Zealand you must let me know.

Jen said...

Always love reading your Flypaper Thoughts 😀

annie said...

Laughing so hard as I read this to my husband. Great start to the day!

SewRuthie said...

I am making Christmas stockings and fleece/stretchy hats. Multiples of each and some of them in velvet. Use a lot of pins and don't stress too much are my top tips.

Anonymous said...

This edition of Flypaper Thoughts feels so personal to me......including the Tilley hat connection - my son's neighbor have him her late husbands Tilley hat, which was too small and passed on to MY husband. I told him it was special.

I'm also hoping that commenter Lyndle above will figure out how to share a picture of her "its only natural" cross stitch pattern. And I am going to try to work my favorite color and how old I was at my birthday party into the conversation at upcoming parties.

Thanks to all for improving my day.


Scenic Route said...

Ack just finished 18 10x7 zipper pouches for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. A friend had ordered 18 YKK bag zips on Amazon and ran out of time. I have lots of extra cotton prints and can do zip pouches in my sleep. Was happy to help but will be a while before I do zip pouches! Glad to hear "all good" on your recent procedure, though :-) Done the velvet thing. I absolutely will use the birthday & color lines at upcoming get togethers!! :-D

Leigh said...

Fabric Stores. Well, you should stop by Portland Oregon, and go to Fabric Depot, Josephines, Mill End, Bolt, and well, I was going to say Rose City Textiles which was awesome, but alas, they've closed and been replaced by a weed grow and sales store. I'm sure that's fine if you like that sort of thing, but since there's now a weed store on every corner, I'd like my fabulous outdoor fabric store back, thanks.

If you happen to head up here, there's more fun to be had up in Tacoma Washington. Fabrics for Less is supposed to be really good.

On the way up to Portland, if you stop in Albany, you could stop in at the Rain Shed, which has a very nice selection of outdoor fabric.

Out in Cali, you should probably stop by Britex and Stonemountain & Daughters. Satin Moon closed, but I think Fabrix is still there. They were really fun and great prices.

If you're in CO, there's Denver Fabrics. I've heard good things, but never been. I was going to recommend Santa Fe Fabrics, but now I find they are closed. Drat.

My friend says her favorite color is leopard print. :) My favorite color is red. And blue. And green. And purple.

Carolyn F. said...

I'm in Mississippi and we have mostly quilt fabric stores - and I don't quilt - or Joann's. But if you go through Oklahoma City stop at Helen Enox Fabrics. I always tried to get there when I went to visit my parents and have found many nice things there. Their Facebook page shows a lot of the fabrics. Nashville, TN has Textile Fabrics. I have only been close since I can't get my husband to stop as we go through. If you go to New Orleans there is Promenade Fabrics - again I got close but no stopping. Their Facebook posts are beautiful. Safe travels.

Noelle said...

If you come through Phoenix, stop at the SAS Fabrics. They have three locations; the one at 19th Avenue and Dunlap is the best organized and the largest. It's definitely not a fancy store, but it's so much fun to treasure hunt there. I've gotten some great fabric there for bargain prices, and they also have notions and trims.

doris. said...

Your blog is a pleasure to read; my first time to comment. I love my Tilley hats. (Note that is plural-LOL). Bought my first one in 2000 and was in my late 40s at that time. �� It's been washed at least a dozen times and slowly acquiring that lovely patina of time. Best thing is the chin strap, having had to engage it many times in strong wind on golf courses, boats, etc. I've thought about sewing a DIY version but ... why mess with perfection?

Lyndle said...

For ceci... here’s the finished cross stitch for my sister