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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Adeline dress in knit

I have the Stylearc  Adeline dress cut out in a specified woven fabric and will be working on that over the weekend. 

But when I had some really nice heavy Ottoman knit left over from a cardigan project (probably should have had that review up first of course) I decided to see how this pattern looked like in a knit first.

The knit worked very well. Basically I love this dress and love this pattern. I am going to wear it right out, I can tell.

Not a lot to the dress from the sewing point of view, but what there is has been very well-drafted. The V-neck is faced in the woven version instructions, but I changed this to a simple cross-over V for my knit edition. The dress also has cut-on sleeves that can be rolled up, and big pockets that I didn't put on here as I just was too short of fabric.

My standard cross-over V neck 

In fact to squeeze this dress out of my remnant yardage I pieced the back at roughly waist seam level. Not ideal but hopefully looks as if it was meant to be.

Obviously a super comfortable dress to wear and a very fast sew.

The Adeline has a higher at the front hem ( I just cover hemmed this) that is not too extreme but I think makes for a nice side view:

As you have probably figured out a long time ago I am more a sew it and throw it on and get a fast picture taken kind of blogger than a thoughtful one who puts time and energy into styling. I just sew and then take a picture and run off to sew something else. I do realize that this does show in my shots but hopefully you can still see enough to do the pattern justice.

These shots were taken as I jumped out of weeding and grass cutting clothes (you can see why those were needed in this picture - but note too the nice vegetable boxes my husband has on the go too) and it apparent why those who are more careful have such nice pictures.

The bright sunlight shows for example why women of a certain age IMO would do well to wear hose whatever the style folks say otherwise, and that knit dresses really do benefit from better than gardening underwear.

That said I did put on different accessories on this dress which made clear to me how broadly useful a style like this is.

First I tried the dress on with my favourite gift to self necklace  -I bought at the height of my empty nest attack from which I am now mostly recovered -  and some suede shoes.

Three eggs for three kids, I am pretty sure I bought this just after having put some kid on a plane a few years ago

Next, when I realized how comfortable this dress was I got to wondering if it was something I could also dress up so I ran in the house and got my favourite dressy shoes and some jewellery - totally matchy of course, but then again I am at the stage of requiring hose so that might be as expected.

Here is the dressed up version and those shoes:

This is such an wonderful pattern I know I am going to make a few more for sure. I haven't given much thought to the cocoon shape up to now but can really see how flattering, in a not sloppy way, it can be.

We will see how it looks in a woven next.


JuliaRu said...

nice shoes! looks great together!

Anonymous said...

I'm still hoping for a nice warm bright color for the upcoming wedding? I admire your coming out of the empty nest attack so quickly! I find the whole life stage a big challenge.


Barbara said...

Ceci I have been working on empty nest for 10+ years so not such a quick adaptation on my part. Mainly I think you sort of give up the idea you will ever get that stage of your life back. What you do next without those folks who made you laugh everyday is the next challenge. And yes the wedding will be bright.

sasha said...

I vastly prefer your casual style of photography to the carefully curated and Photoshopped photos posted by the dozens that some bloggers employ. I do appreciate that you take the time to blog your makes, finding your blog was one of the highlights of 2017 for me in regards to the blogging world.

Elle said...

What Sasha said!

AJW said...

The dress looks great on you! I cannot stress enough how enjoyable it is to read your posts about sewing, style, family, and life. Thank you for taking the time to offer your observations -- this is definitely an "upper" of a blog.

Sewingelle said...

If nude hose is good enough for the ( young) Duchess of Cambridge it's good enough for the rest of us. ( you know how old I am now don't you!)
Great dress
Matchy matchy is not always bad
Love your photography!

Kathleen Meadows said...

I love your posts, your pics, and your makes always - regardless of where or how your pics are taken they are always enjoyable, filled with good humour and helpful ideas. This dress is perfect! It's just the style that suits me to a Tee (I'm apparently an apple shape - a somewhat elongated version - who knew? but then I'm 62 and it only took me this long to realize this AND accept it) I'm a fan of StyleArc as well - their patterns are deceptively simple. There is always a clever surprise in construction which makes them challenging, never boring.

Paula said...

Love the navy shoes! The dress is great too, dress up or down.

AlaskaBerninaGirl said...

Love this dress, definitely putting it on the to make list! I really need these quick makes in my life. Where on earth did you find those matching shoes?! Perfect with this dress but I think that tennies would also look fun. Always enjoy seeing you in my inbox! Take care.

ACraftyScrivener said...

Lol! I love how your down to earth approach shines through :-). Great dress, looks like a real work horse type of pattern/outfit.

Nursebennett said...

The dress looks great on you and I love both pairs of shoes, but ADORE the match dress up ones! While I've adapted to the no hose wearing, I still think ALL women unfinished or not completed until they have on hose, even if they're lacey or very sheer nude ones. I find it to be a particularly unfinished look when wearing formal wear. It can't be all about comfort, for just when women ditched pantyhose they started wearing compression garments like Spanx from knees (or even ankles!) to shoulders! Talk about hot and uncomfortable!

Anyway, I see I need this patter n my ever growing stash for my never sewing/only dreaming and wishing, accompanied by fabric buying. Hopefully when/if I finally make some of these garments I won't be laughed at so much I get an inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes. J. Renee brand I think. Good choice. Who cares about the photos. Your writing complements them perfectly.