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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Quick pics

This afternoon my heartbreaker out for a walk:

And here are some more man bags, these ones made from a repurposed lady's leather jacket, getting close to done here:


Kathrynsb said...

Does Daisy fight the boots? I'm pondering them for our lady terrorist

SuzieB said...

Very cute doggie dressed in her snow gear! And the leather bags are fantastic. You were brave to tackle them and created an impressive finished product.

Barbara said...

Kathryn I have to use them because of all the salt on our sidewalks. I have tried all kinds and the only ones that stay on and she doesn't mind look like rubber balloons. I think the trade name is Paws. Everything else falls off halfway through a walk. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the lady in red picture! I'm dreading salt season - its put on with such a heavy hand and it attacks the dogs' feet. Last year we kept a basin by the door to wash after walks (one person washed all the available dog feet, varying from 8 to 12 (feet that is) while the other handed out treats. With spring the washing stopped but the dogs still wait in the hall for their treats.

I'll look at the kind Daisy is wearing......

Merry merry,


kim nath said...

So sweet, she looks so happy and healthy!

Lyrique Threads said...

What a sweetheart Miss Daisy is! She looks darling in her snow gear.

Karen Lyon said...

Barbara, picture of Miss Daisy brings back memories of walking my silky terrior Teddy. I lived in Toronto, and the salt was awful. He wore a little mustard yellow sweater and those red rubber boots. He was always trying to shake them off, and his gait would give fits of giggles as we walked. He looked like the canine version of Ronald MacDonald. The view from the back was hysterical. I did not always meet people as we walked, but they must have thought I was a bit crazy for grinning like a fool. I do miss those days and still miss my Teddy. He died of old age in 2001.

Anonymous said...

I can see why Daisy's boyfriend is smitten – she looks adorable in her winter togs. Can we have a picture of him too, please.
Vancouver Barbara

Cherie said...

Very cute pup! And wonderful and useful manbags!