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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Complete random non sewing related photos

If you have absolutely nothing else going on this Sunday afternoon you might be interested in a completely random range of pictures from my week.

I am settled back home now, great trip to NYC, and a head full of thoughts on fitting. As to those who have inquired about using the FIT library you can do so but need to apply for research access. I was able to get that using my university affiliation, not sure what the general policy is. If you can visit that library I have to say it is great. I am currently on a fitting method research tear and the access to a wide range of materials was fantastic.

BTW am I the only one who thinks that the '70s-mid 80s were the golden age of sewing books? 

I am amazed at how many interesting and quite diverse approaches to fitting were developed during that period. As many of these books are still available via eBay or online resellers like Abe Books I am thinking of doing some reviews of my favourites. Good resources if you want to read original thinking and really get your teeth into topics.

I have been busy since I came back and the upcoming week looks even busier. I need to sew though but need some small projects. One thing I was thinking of doing was making some panties, something I haven't done for about 20 years, trying and comparing three patterns, Jalie, Kwik Sew and Jan Bones. What do you think of that?

I should be able to fit in that kind of sewing in between more worthy tasks.

Now onto the random photos as promised:

It is well-established I can't crochet but that didn't stop me from finishing this little unit, helped through to completion by my fascination with the US election coverage which also seems to be going in circles.

I had little Billy over for the weekend and he and I decided to try my new upholstery cleaning device. Since he and Miss Daisy are largely responsible for making this machine a necessity it seemed only fair they help me use it.

Canadian Thanksgiving was a little less than two weeks ago and my husband does the cooking. My mother gave him this jacket as a joke but he actually wears it for big meals and special effect.

I really have my eye on this longer, knit version of a moto jacket. I got some great zippers in New York now I have to just figure out the rest of it and what pattern I should start from.

Even though I don't really crochet very well I still haunt Ravelry for ideas. There is something going on in the minds of crocheters though. In case you can't recognize it the above is a crochet placenta. Of course. What every family needs.

Probably shouldn't put an ambiguous picture of food next but what you see above are some stuffed grape leaves made by the guy in the chef's jacket. What is interesting is he used the grape leaves from the vine that grows around my front window. He made about 500 of these. They freeze.

Now off to trace pantie patterns. Of course.


Susan E said...

Love your blog. Interesting information with humor and grace.

Elle said...

Love the photo of your chef. For someone who can't crochet, that looks awfully good. Yes we're going in circles down here. In a fit of magical thinking, I have completed my ballot, hoping that will somehow end the campaign.

Bunny said...

Ooo, those grape leaves look yummy. My regards to the chef! My kids gave me a chef jacket some years back with my name on it. It definitely holds a place of honor in my closet.

Can't wait to see how your NY purchases get worked up.

LWS said...

Please DO post the book reviews! After 30 years of sewing I am finally paying real attention to pattern fitting and need all the help I can get.
I think you are right about the golden age of sewing books -- many of mine are from that period.

LWS said...


Ccmel said...

I would love to see your thoughts on fitting books. I tend to rely.on Goggle if I get stuck with a fitting dilemma, but the results can often lead to more confusion.

Kathrynsb said...

I too am on a fit tear. So far my best results have come from making a muslin in gingham for the bodice using an old fit pattern from one of the big four. Then putting it on my duct tape dress form I could actually SEE the problems. what an eye opener
Then I used a Connie Crawford pants pattern and flat pattern altered it and made wearable muslin shorts out of accumulated quilt I ranked out 4 pairs of shorts and a pair of pants
With the bodice muslin traced out on paper and the pants (shorts) I can law the paper over any pattern and see if it will fit
I know this is how most people use slopers but had me er taken the time to keep tweaking
I'm on a roll
Quilt fabric makes surprisingly comfortable shorts that are cool to wear
I'm waiting to see your next posts on fit

Catherine p said...

Love your random posts. Great shot of hubby. Would love to see your book reviews. Have recently acquired two, have fallen in love with all the info and would love more. The ones now are geared for beginners.

Lucille said...

I have used all 3 companies for panties. My butt seems to defy them all. Well, really it's not my butt, it's my belly.
As I aspire to matching bra and panties, and am about to get bra making big time, cause I neeeeeeed to, I will be watching your progress. And trying them all again myself. I like the look of hipsters but love the panty lineless look of the full Jan Bones.

Jean said...

Please do review some fitting books. My favorites, that I inherited from Mom and Grandma, are from the 70's. I voted early here, so I could stop watching the coverage...the grape leaves (dolma or sarma?) look great!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks for the big belly laugh caused by placenta, grape leaves, and panties! EWWW at the placenta - what the heck do they do with it? I'm off to Ravelry to find out. (And speaking of Ravelry crochet, my giant donut floor pillow was famous for a couple of days as Eye Candy there - I can die happy now!) I made panties 20 years ago from a monthly sewing club pattern, but they started just below my rib cage and were so high-cut my hipbones weren't covered - the 90's were not too good for homemade panties. I like the Kwik Sew bathing suits and bought an underwear pattern, but never pulled it out. You may inspire me....