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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Friday, September 2, 2016

Technical updates

Hi folks. Hopefully now you can just click on the link in the post below and play the podcast (wasted a whole afternoon of good sewing time on this) and there is now a Podcasts link on the overcrowded sidebar.

Let me know if this works.



Kathie said...

Well, clicking on the link in the previous post worked first try! However, I could not find anything in your sidebar that looked as it it would connect me to your podcast. Sorry...

Jeanneke said...

Hi Barbara, I can find only one podcast in the sidebar and that works well.

Barbara said...

The sidebar needs a big clean up, it is there way down listed in podcasts. Geez this is like welt pockets in velvet. But that's learning right?

Mapmaker said...

I love love love your blog and I love love love this podcast, hopefully the first of many. It was just perfect to listen to while sewing, trimming, and clipping the collar on a rayon shirt. Thank you for taking the time--and dealing with the technical issues--to make this available to your fans. And I was so excited to know that Daisy was in the room while you were recording! I am looking forward to your future podcasts, Elizabeth in MA

Barbara Waterman said...

Loved the podcast, got to it on the second try. Love our blog - I learn things as well as enjoy the time spent in your world.