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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Friday, August 19, 2016

Fly paper thoughts flying home version

  • Leaving my family visiting in Niagara tomorrow. 
  • Putting my mom on the plane for Winnipeg and then marking in the airport until my flight
  • Two days at home getting the semi-apartment in the basement ready for my niece to move in
  • Then it's me, Daisy, and the sewing room
  • Look out
  • Working on reworking my style
  • Starting from scratch on that one
  • Heard somewhere you need to come up with three words that describe you on the inside and find clothes that look like this on the outside
  • Having a hard time with those three words
  • Unserious?
  • Sharp, except for those areas of life where I really am not
  • Parallel parking, the times tables, things like that
  • Homebody
  • Who like travel
  • Dog lover
  • Food lover
  • Easy
  • Colourful
  • Damn this is hard
  • So far I am envisioning only slippers and poop bag and a shift with a zipper
  • Which is probably what I would be happy wearing anyway
  • Not feeling closer to style at all
  • Some system
  • What are your words?
  • Met a new family member who speaks only Spanish
  • Went to the bathroom and googled words and practiced in there
  • Impressed myself
  • Only myself
  • Had a gold crown taken off before I left
  • Dentist asked if I wanted it
  • I know just the person who would I said
  • She is four and goes everywhere with a metal lunchbox full of treasures
  • It's so beautiful Babs, I love it Heidi said
  • I have the best grandmother
  • But the other one wouldn't talk to me all day
  • Why did she get your gold tooth and I didn't?
  • Don't you have another one?
  • What have I started
  • Only a fashionista in slippers and a poop bag gets in a corner like this
  • Define classic
  • What you should wear or always wear?
  • What everyone else wears?
  • What doesn't wear out?
  • I have a secret addiction to Tupperware
  • Not so secret anymore
  • Now that's a classic
  • Use mason jars but have kept the Tupperware cups with the dog teeth marks still on the tops
  • Four dogs and three childhoods ago
  • My sister freezes bags of crumble ready to go and dumps in on fruit
  • She is a great hostess
  • Anyone have a good crumble recipe?
  • Can't reproduce the one I like
  • My mother just told me that her favourite food is oatmeal
  • When she was a kid she used to order tomato soup when she went out
  • Maybe the Depression is to blame
  • Or Scottish parents
  • We have just told her we are having calamari and somosas for dinner
  • From jellied salads to Thai in one generation
  • Should I spend the first part of the fall trying to perfect a shirt pattern?
  • Or trying to decide if I even like shirts?
  • There are no three words to describe all this


Elle said...

Real life trumps theory once again.

Terry Carter said...

LOVE the gold tooth story,

Galica said...

My mother swallowed her gold tooth, and when my partner offered to help her retrieve it (from the toilet!), she politely declined the offer. Reasonably politely.

Maybe it's just as well, with 9 grandchildren she'd have been in real trouble!

I had always thought that I might go for a mad folkloric approach to retirement dressing, however as I increasingly suspect I'll be shaped like a dumpling, I don't know if that will be wise. There's a book I read in my teens called "creative dressing" by Kaori O'Connor, which has some interesting, folk-ish, but not too much, ideas. Alternatively, there's always the book club look (striped tees, origami clothes, artistic silver jewelry, ecco etc.)


PS BTW I enjoy your flypaper thoughts, and the rest of your blog. I was really please to find it as I liked your columns in threads.

birdmommy said...

I'm going the opposite direction. I've picked a phrase that describes my dream wardrobe, and am working towards that. For Fall, it's turning out to be 'office appropriate steampunk'. Lovely full skirts and fitted tops with deep rich colours and luxurious textures (nothing ruffled or fluffy though!). It's a good thing I already have a reputation as being a bit eccentric...

RinaL said...

Well even if you have three words - what style am I supposed to form out of perfectionist, caring and determined? ;) As Elle mentioned before: Real life and theory don't get along too well ;)

LoisAnn said...

After reading this post I would say your three words are witty, funny, and generous. I'd add loving but that would be four.

Anonymous said...

This crumble recipe works really well for me; I reduce the sugar in the fruit by about one-third, depending:

Love your flypaper thoughts!

garnet128 said...

Do we get 3 words for each mood? I am so eclectic and diverse depending on my mood. And for what it is worth, slippers, poop bag and shift works for me on many a day!

Erika said...

Yeah exactly. I managed this but I had to limit it to work clothes, also I used 5 words, well maybe it was 7: interesting, sensual, well-made, comfortable/empowering, richly colored. It's not so much who I am but things I want all my work clothes to be. I guess it's things I want to project at work.

For my non-work clothes it might be something like ... quirky, well-made, comfortable/empowering, happy

It's useful in that if I make something that hits all the categories I WILL like it.

Also ... that gold tooth story is AWESOME.

Kay said...

I once told my husband that I wanted my garden to look like me: big, colorful, and a little bit wild. I've realized, though, that that doesn't work too well as a personal style. I'm still working on it.

ElleC said...

Do we get three words for each season? My summer words would be Birkenstocks, Muumuus and bra-less. Notice how I cleverly hyphenated bra less?

Marianne said...

We get only 3 words? Definitely not enough.

Well, maybe "trial and error" would work for me. I don't think I have a huge need to wear clothing that matches or even harmonizes, but today I changed my shorts for something warmer without also changing my top, and I realize I have gone way too far in non-matching. Geometric print bottom, polka dot top. No. Now I'm warm enough, but I have to go change again. So, by trial and error, I learn more about my style.

Have fun learning about your style!

And oh, the injustices of childhood. We had very different kids, with very different needs and wants, prompting deep discussions on the meanings of "justice" and "equality". The nuances still escape me a little, but yes, M&Ms can be counted and divided, but the gold tooth belongs with the girl who carries treasures in a lunch box. Haha! Fun reading!

Jean Shaw said...

If I get 5 words: long, lean, clear, clean, serene
If I get 3: Long, lean, serene

Does this mean that it's Eileen Fisher 24/7?

Anonymous said...

Tooth story is priceless; I can see you are going to be on the search for a comparable treasure. I am about to finish a tiresome "sew with a friend" project that has blighted the summer (I keep having to learn the same lessons over and over - just say no!) and will look forward to your deep dive back into sewing for inspiration.


Margaret Delong said...

First I thought of that I like: