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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Friday, March 4, 2016

Flypaper thoughts Friday night

  • Just so you know the handy sewing hints don't work on the weekend
  • The staff, Daisy and me, are working for the next two days on the Talia pants
  • Brilliant fabric came in this afternoon from Hart Fabrics
  • Such a nice day
  • Spent a good part of it with Susan a blog reader/friend who lives here in Florida
  • We walked, ate, and discussed everything that matters in life
  • Dogs, sewing, family, fairness in the workplace and outside, and what fabric to use to recover a sofa
  • I tried on a moto jacket in denim with rib knit sections where the body moves
  • It was in a small and Susan thought it fit and I felt it was tight
  • Discussed whether or not I wear things too loose
  • Such an important issue to consider
  • How about you?
  • Do you have one body area that you dress the rest to hide?
  • Should we be 18 year olds and not care about the loose middle?
  • Also what is your feeling on cherry pie?
  • Or key lime?
  • The middle will have to be lived with
  • There is a little dog here with a tiny body and big ears like a rabbit
  • Daisy and I get up early to see that dog out for a walk
  • How can you not smile first thing when you see a dog with rabbit ears?
  • The RV park is so great
  • A man gave me his business card, address with "on the road to everywhere"
  • There is a navy wife home schooling five kids
  • She looks tired and has a creationist sticker on the car
  • Kids look pretty damned happy
  • There is a widow doing her first trip solo with her Welsh terrier
  • When I walk at night I see them in bed through her open door, reading
  • Quiet, safe, and going to be fine
  • I have met a man who volunteers at national parks, one after the other all year
  • I saw a late middle aged woman out shooting hoops by herself on the basketball court
  • Sinking them
  • There is an older woman here with a tattoo of her cat on her chest
  • And there is the man who calls out "hello young lady" every morning
  • You can do anything here and people just walk by and smile
  • Of course you are sewing jeans on a picnic table with the machine plugged into the side of the RV
  • We are booked solid here
  • How hard does it have to be?
  • It is so calm here tonight


Marianne said...

Oh I can just feel the peace. Life is good.

For those of us living in places with brutally cold winters, it is amazing how a little warmth and sunshine up the quality of life. But, most likely we need the cold to recognize this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds delightful.

Jane M said...

Oh, Barb, you are describing exactly my parents' RV park experiences. When I was younger and snootier I didn't get it. Now that my social life revolves around the dogpark, I especially treasure the diversity of people in my friendship circles.
I'm working on that fit issue too and I always see the same discussions among my sewing friends. I aim for fitting so that fitted garments skim without clinging, loose ones drape without "tenting" and I can go about my day without adjusting all the time. I also think the proportion on my frame is significant to consider. I don't usually wear the few one-seam pants that I made but I pulled out a pair to wear with a new short, snug fitting vintage sweater. It's nice to get someone else's perspective and I admire you for being open to it since I see some of my sewing friends get defensive and stubborn. Enjoy the wonderful weather and sunshine. I'm going to follow your lead and unpack my machines to sew on our little rental deck next week.

Scenic Route said...

Hey, have you read any of the Mango Bob books?! Mango Bob is a cat and his owner RVs and meets and helps people. My husband has read them all and chuckles all through them. Great post!

garnet128 said...

I agree that it sounds delightful. And cherry and key lime are both favorites of mine, I'll take a little of each please.

Anne in Melbourne said...

Dear Barb A lovely, hope-giving post.

Anonymous said...

I met you in Knoxville and you had on a dress that you had made. It fit so well, and I thought, "self, why can't you do that". I still have not achieved the fit part.

People are able to relax more when they are on vacation, too bad they can't be that nice all the time. I sure did enjoy hearing about all the different people there. Wish that I was one of them! Maggie

SuzieB said...

Yum, cherry pie - Yum, key lime pie - Hard to find bad pie!
Jane M's comment above about clothing proportion to body frame is spot on and perfectly addresses the denim jacket fit issue. You didn't see the back of the jacket when you tried it on. Perfect curve inward at the waist creating waist definition, flare at the hip. A larger size in that rtw piece will make the waist slightly longer and throw that curve out of proportion. You need that jacket. Am I an enabler much? I had a wonderful day!