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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mom jeans

A while ago I tried on a pair of Gap "boyfriend jeans" as a lark at a consignment store and it turned out I loved them. True the waist was very low, no place where my real life boyfriend wears his jeans I can tell you, but after years now of narrow, skinny, stretch fabric pants, they just felt comfy, even with a belt to keep them on my hips.

Here is a picture taken in the wind outside the RV looking like something someone would wear outside an RV in the wind I know, but this is an educational blog not a style one (obviously) but I wanted to share the leg shape and for you to imagine how comfortable they are.

I really have no shame at all, in addition to no chic either some days:

For a while now, even though I have Jalie's much lauded Eleanor jeans on the table at home to cut out, I have been feeling myself getting sick of the whole tight bottom, long loose top to cover the tight bottom uniform.

I'm feeling ready for a change.

So with the experience of my campground boyfriend jeans behind me I was most interested to read in the Huffington Post this week that Mom jeans, or at least a version of these, is back. Since I have a mom body more than a skinny one, as illustrated, I found this a pretty interesting development.

What I would like now is a pattern for these so I can customize them to my older mom body, as in adding a few inches to the waist.

I can't find a pattern out there yet but I have high hopes for Stylearc who do have that crotch curve that fits me perfectly.

What would be great would be something like this, Mom but updated. Much like myself actually:

Now if they bring back curled up bangs and giant button earrings we will be all set.

Now tell me.

Who else out there is ready for Mom jeans?


bbarna said...

Hi Barb, Jalie has another jeans pattern that has a regular rise and a low rise.... I don't have the body for skinny jeans and probably never will. I have a longish torso, so low rise jeans fit me better then regular rise, which tend to come up under my arm pits. Now there is a pretty sight. I also love the pull on, stretch jeans, but only if they fit well. What can I say, I love comfort too. Good luck with the search for jeans. Making them will probably be the only way to get a decent pair that fit.
Barb from BC

patsijean said...

Barb, I'm with you. I don't like any pant that will not allow me to move, no one that "chokes" me.

Anonymous said...

Have you checked the Bootstrapfashion.com website lately? They have a 'boyfriend jeans' pattern that looks pretty reasonable. Haven't made it, and I don't work for them, but it's interesting, and they've been making some changes on their site lately.
Good luck in Florida. Hope doggie is comfortable.

badmomgoodmom said...

I don't like skinny jeans or boot cut flares. I miss the thigh room of slightly tapered mom jeans. I tried on the newly reissued Lee jeans but was disappointed in the low quality and the country of origin labels that illustrate an atlas of human misery.

Bunny said...

I own one pair and I have them on as we speak. I wear them around the house as they are supremely comfy. They are a bit too worn looking for my work, however. For work I need something a little dressier, dark wash, slim fit, and new/fresh looking. Old comfy jeans just aren't allowed and we are happy that we can wear them so don't question the rules. I am not ready to trade the big top comfort for something more fitted although I do wear that closer fitting look. I like the comfort of a loose top and with the right jewelry it can look pretty professional.

If you are ready for a change, I say go for it. But are boyfriends jeans a change or just going back to a more comfortable time? Hmmmm,,,,,,

Brenda said...

It's fairly easy to copy a pattern from jeans since there are so few pattern pieces. Maybe you could copy this pair and graft on the crotch curve you like.

As for me, my new uniform is leggings and a skirt for the bottom half. The combo is super comfy, and feels and looks good. I've had to adjust my footwear (oxfords, Fry lace up boots, and riding boots), for winter, but I like new shoes. :)

Janet said...

If you haven't tried the Jalie jeans, you might change your mind! My 20year old daughter told me about mom jeans and she said to be cool you couldn't really be a mom and wear them. Haa Haaa!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, i don't think mom jeans are going to translate to jeans that are not tight in the rear.
That picture, the one of the phantom in jeans, not you, Barb, looks like my nightmare jeans.
I don't like worrying about plumber's crack all day long in low-slung pants, but high-waists make me lose the will to live. I don't really like anything tight around my waist. Where is the middle ground?

birdmommy said...

I'm in the process of trying to create a high waisted pant pattern for myself. I have virtually no waist to hip ratio, so pants that are supposed to sit on your hips are constantly sliding off me. I can avoid that by wearing leggings, but I want some actual pants, dagnabbit.

I think I may be able to use the pants from Vogue 8983 for a slouchy pant pattern (sits at natural waist once I raise it an inch or so, 3.2" ease at the hip, 13" at the hem - which is pretty much the measurements for the new Talia pant from Style Arc).

I have a few Burda patterns that hopefully can be turned into a more structured/fitted TNT. I'd love to try the Willow pant from Style Arc, but it's only available as a paper pattern, and shipping from Australia is outside my budget right now...

jirons42 said...

You can call my jeans anything you want as long as they are comfortable. My sewing to-do-list includes making my first ever made by me jeans. Probably the only way I'll ever get the fit I want.

a little sewing said...

I am definitely ready for something new. I also need new pants and can't seem to make myself sew ANOTHER pair of skinny pants.

Scenic Route said...

Yes, yes & yes! Yes to this post and yes to all the comments! 2016 will be a Pants/Jean Journey for me. I understand why much of womanhood is out there trying to pull off tights/leggings as pants; which they are SO not. Still, eliminates all the fitting angst. Well, good for us sewers--onward ho, Ladies!!

me said...

I've tried several patterns - but the one I love the best is the OOP Calvin Klein pattern. You can find them on ebay or etsy if you do a search. AND they're the old ones with the cut line and the seam line - amazing to work with. I love your posts but very rarely comment.

theresa said...

Barb, I'm wearing a pair of Wranglers that fit me just right. They are the only 100% cotton jeans Wrangler makes anymore in a "relaxed fit" style. Because my natural waist is so high I ended up buying a size larger, removing part of the waist band, the side rivets and taking them in at the waist and side seams before putting the waistband back on. My regular size cuts me right across the kidneys. I'm going to clone this pair and make a few more in different colors. I live in jeans and can't stand tight. Hope more higher waisted styles come back into fashion.

Anne said...

I'm not sure what Mom jeans are to be honest! You do probably have to make them yourself though.