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Friday, December 11, 2015

Early spring McCalls

Just when I was about to further descend into Christmas preparations with the usual combination of self-delusion and over ambition, I had a good reminder to stop taking myself too seriously with the arrival of McCalls pre-spring collection - reflecting the trend these days to move onto the next thing before you have experienced the first. 

(I remember the melt down of my youngest son once in a department store when he saw the "Back to school" displays up on the last day of school before the summer holidays.)

There was one knit dress I liked, mainly because there was some waistline gathers rather than the usual knit dress belly articulation that seems to go with interesting bodice treatments:

There were also a few that are definitely not making it into my to-do pile, although I assume that they are exactly what some folks are looking for, and I am trying to act now as if I am sophisticated enough to believe that is true, or that I actually know these folks:

No these are not Halloween costumes but something part of a cultural phenomenon called co-play, which I had to Google and I suggest you do too, which was a term I had, until I did that, assume meant you let someone play with your truck without hitting them over the head at daycare.

I have to give McCall credit though for going after new sewing communities, if not this one.


annie said...

Guess I spend too much time in the woods. Thanks for a surprise and a good laugh!

theresa said...

I think the term is cos-play, not co-play. I was pronouncing it co-play and one of my sewing classmates corrected me and said it was cos as in costume which is where they got the term. This classmate is big into that and you are right, a lot of new stitchers have joined our ranks because they want to make their own costumes.
Theresa in Tucson

badmomgoodmom said...

I had to look up cos-play the first time my teen's friend mentioned it, too.

What I hate is the over the top sexualization and Ya-Ya's breast implants. Remember when people stuffed their bras? Now they are stuffing their bodies. That is not OK.

My kid's costume and how I feel about it.

paloverdeblooms said...

I believe the term you are looking for is cosplay. If you were the target market, you'd already know about it. :)

And McCall's knows there is money to be made from the target market. I'm just surprised that it took so long for them to enter it (earlier this year). But they did finally recognize an opportunity and in addition to pattern releases, they also operate a blog: http://cosplay.mccall.com/


Jenerators said...

Aaaand... you've (almost) lost me. I've been sewing since I was 12 or 14 and cosplaying since I was 20. That's 30-something years now. (Yaya Han called me a "pioneer of cosplay" when I met her in New York last year.) I don't oversexualise my costumes. I try to make them as accurate as I am able to the images I'm trying to emulate, but I tend not to choose characters who are too underdressed. Cosplay is a wonderful way for people of all types/colours/shapes/ages/abilities/genders (in no particular order) to express themselves and with the "Cosplay is not consent" campaign, in a mostly safe environment.
I understand it is not for you, but there are a lot of people out there who DO enjoy Cosplay. And Bravo to McCalls who now have a special Cosplay brand and Simplicity (particularly designer/bloggers Andrea Schewe and LoriAnn Gerlisky) who also have many Cosplay type patterns out now, for making the craft more accessible to us all!

velosewer said...

I actually went to a Cosplay event this year and loved it.
The over-sexualised costumes weren't part of the event I went to but it was fun to see fans dress like their male or female heroes. And everyone was polite and engaging. I'll go again next year.

Margaret Delong said...

Let's just appreciate that McCall's put an average-size woman in one of their cos-play costumes!