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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Flypaper thoughts Sunday night

  • Kids went out last night for Halloween
  • Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe 
  • The four year old was not too happy being a wardrobe
  • Hard to explain irony to someone who wanted to be a princess
  • Next year it will be sparkles all the way
  • I like food that tastes like where it came from
  • Beets, dirt
  • Trout, rivers
  • Chocolate, the check out aisle
  • Cut the 2.5 inches off the right side of the shirt twice
  • This was not as instructed
  • In case you are wondering
  • New right front has pattern running across rather than up and down
  • Like the rest of the shirt
  • Even I can't pretend this is a design feature
  • More like a stupid me feature
  • Moving on
  • Sewing is excellent for developing great moving on life skills
  • You get lots of practice
  • Just so you know I don't care what Caitlin Jenner thinks
  • About anything
  • Nail polish does not make the woman
  • Moving on skills do
  • Taking care of people does
  • Speaking of which
  • Children have no idea how much we love them
  • Probably be terrified if they did
  • Do you know rather than hemming a knit skirt you can just cut it twice as long
  • And fold it up
  • Fold becomes the hem
  • Maybe I should post pictures
  • I really appreciate the blog comments
  • Better than the blog
  • My mom calls me to discuss 
  • Not much beats a laugh with a girlfriend or a kiss from a dog
  • Anyone out there having trouble meditating?
  • Really feel I should be able to do it
  • How do you let your thoughts float by like clouds?
  • When your thoughts are things like " did I already cut off that 2.5 inches from the right front?"
  • Or not
  • Do you know a friend of my son's once decided against a proposal when on vacation
  • Mailed the ring back to his mom in a sock
  • She got his refund
  • Ms. Jenner you taking this in?
  • Get back to me on the meditating
  • I am being left behind on this one


SewRuthie said...

I have no input on most of the stuff, however re the meditation, I have had some success with the CD which comes with the mindfulness book. (Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world Paperback – 5 May 2011
by Prof Mark Williams (Author), Dr Danny Penman (Author))
I think you would like the Chocolate Meditation
in particular.

Linda said...

Loved this thoughts!!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I loved ...nailpolish doesn't make a woman!

Kay said...

Oysters --> Ocean
Wine --> Countryside
Corn on the cob --> Summer sunshine in the fields
Cold water --> Mountain streams

Marianne said...

I don't really meditate but do frequently find it necessary to clear the noisy thoughts from my head. I do this by focusing my senses on the natural world. The golden tamaracks, noisy migrating geese, cold breeze on my skin. Probably not as disciplined as meditation but still a good thing, I think.

Sox said...

I love your flypaper thoughts.
I can't meditate either, as much as I try, my mind is too busy. I should practice more and maybe it would work.
I would like to see the doubled-skirt-instead-of-a-hem pictures please.
Your son's friend was wise. Better a big hurt now than a bigger hurt later. I wish I'd done that.

Anonymous said...

Must admit that I think a lot about current and future sewing projects when "meditating".


BeckyMc said...

I don't care what Caitlyn Jenner thinks either!

sewingkm said...

I also join the non-meditating group. I just can't clear my mind to "float among the clouds". It's the same with hypnosis - just not happening for me. Love your flypaper thoughts! Karen

Louisa said...

Dear Barbara, you are hilarious! And poignant. And true. Love your flypaper thoughts.

I don't meditate - I knit and spin which work just fine for me. I feel your anguish at chopping off your shirt front. Hope you can save it.

Jacq C said...

It is official - your Flypaper Thoughts are my favourite thing on the internet!
I can't meditate, I've tried all manner of ways. The closest I get is piecing quilt blocks - I've yet to make a quilt but, if I ever get the urge, I've got plenty of mismatched blocks to make it with! I'm currently turning them into cushions, bags and table runners to use them up. Anyway, I find the process calming so that's got to be good.
I'm totally with you on the food - I grew up on a farm, the taste of goat's cheese transports me back in an instant. And blackberries taste of the countryside ��

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog posts. They let me always smile, no matter how bad the day started. :) I am sorry, I can't help with the meditation stuff - I keep falling asleep when I try it. Was especially funny after gym lessons when we meditated for the last 10 minutes and I was snoring ;)


Terry Carter said...

I have never mastered the meditation thing either. Feel as though I should try harder but I think that the point is that you shouldn't have to try hard, Maybe I have that wrong.


Laceflower said...

Meditation, like anything else, takes practice. I've been doing it for years, sometimes well, sometimes bad. I found guided meditation helped me in the beginning and Jon Kabat-Zinn is my man on this. Falling asleep is OK, racing thoughts are OK, just become aware that you are having racing thoughts and pull yourself back to your breathing, over and over and over again. Mediation has made my life better, experiencing my life better. May I respectfully suggested your expectations of floating nirvana are unrealistic, that is not what meditation is. Mediation is what you make it and I am so very glad I persevered in the beginning when it was all new and unknown.

Anonymous said...

Tangle Stitches for Quilters and Fabric Artists
Relax, Meditate, and Create With Rhythmic Stitches By Monk, Jane Book - 2014 746.46 M745t

There are many forms of moving meditation. Gardening worked for me. Cooking too. Also anything in which I can completely immerse myself.

Vancouver Barbara

Sally King said...

Meditation is like sewing....be open to what comes up. Love your thoughts.

becky said...

I'm another meditation drop out. I do the gardening (while thinking of dinner), crocheting (while thinking of sewing), and nap time! Love the Fly Paper's!

Mary said...

Hard to meditate because when I close my eyes all I can visualize is the crap I haven't done yet. And yes, I agree, moving on skills are a specialty of the discerning woman (i.e. one who doesn't want to self-medicate).

Teri on the left coast said...

Another sleeper during meditation. Snoring in yoga class. Sigh. Getting lost in pattern alterations works for me - sometimes.
Love the Flypapers.
Maybe that is your meditation??

Teri on the left coast said...

Another sleeper during meditation. Snoring in yoga class. Sigh. Getting lost in pattern alterations works for me - sometimes.
Love the Flypapers.
Maybe that is your meditation??

Beth said...

Meditating is a hard one. A sewing instructor once commented that when she was at church all she had a hard time concentrating as she was always looking at the clothing people wore and how it was constructed. I now have to close my eyes during services.

Anonymous said...

Sewing is meditation. You're doing it right!