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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A hope post

A few months ago I got a call long distance from my son Ben who is doing some work on windmills in Texas.

Driving across the job site he saw a small, sick, starved dog on the side of the road. He was at work but stopped anyway and picked her up. He couldn't keep driving.

He called me to ask me to get on the phone for him to find a no kill shelter in his part of Texas.

That took some doing. In fact every place I called, and he was working the car phone while he drove, they told us that they would have to put down any sick animal he brought in.

But they don't know my Benny.

In the end he located somehow a woman who was running a private rescue for sick and mangey dogs who told him sorry no room left, so many needy animals.

Ben went over there anyway and with a donation and offer to volunteer he persuaded her to take in the pup. He kept in touch and helped when he could.

Now months later here are shots of that little dog. Happy, fit and now placed in a forever home in Colorado. They call her Dreamy.

This little story reminds me that bothering to help and not giving up are principles to live by.

You never know, you just never know, we all need to remember that.

My Ben and the dog he found.


Anonymous said...

Your son is an amazing human being-and so are you for having raised him.

celkalee said...

I have a son like this, I am so proud of him. It proves that he was also raised by a good soul. The world thanks you both. Sweet little dog.

twotoast said...

What a lovely tail (geddit?!). You must be very proud, and rightly so, such a lovely thing to do. I have three rescue dogs - where would I be without people like your son? Thank-you!

Kathie said...

A good man! Good job, mama.

wendy said...

Like Mom like son :)

Judi Pinkham said...

That made me cry happy tears!!! You raised a very special guy!!!

Marianne said...

Yes, very good principles to live by. What a happy face on Dreamy in the "after" picture!

SuzieB said...

What a great son - & what a great thing he did for the dog! She is beautiful in the "after" photo.

Leigh Wheeler said...

Awww! What a big change. She looks so happy in the after shot. What a wonderful thing he did.

SewTypical said...

tears in my eyes...

Leigh Wheeler said...

I keep coming back to read this again. Such a happy story and a 'good human' story. Need more of those at the moment. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm adopting your sewing resolutions for 2016. Really enjoy the humor and humanity in your blog.