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Thursday, October 8, 2015

We had a wedding : the Esme top one review

My apologies for the lapse in blogging. We had our wedding in Maryland and I am still in the recovery phase. Bear with me while I ease back into ordinary life with random subject posts.

It was beyond wonderful, a beautiful, beautiful wedding with all my family together. 

There are so many pictures, these ones are of the morning after brunch. Below are my husband, oldest grand-daughter and me, with my daughter and little grandson in the back.

I made a ponte Esme top from Stylearc and a knit skirt (more on that later) for the breakfast. The top was great but as you will see the longer part at the back stuck to the skirt in a way that has put me on a sugar free diet since I got home. There are always pictures like that and I probably should have worn Spanx, but I think they are cruel to body parts that have already been through a lot, like producing grooms.

More of my family and my rear end, oh well. However there is a sewing educational point to be made here and I am making it

Here are shots of the Esme at home so you can see it more closely. A basic T shirt with a collar split at the back and cap or full sleeves. A good basic if you have the sense to wear it over a woven. The designer picture has the collar standing up but my ponte was soft and it folder over just fine.

I am returning to blogging, not to worry, but needed to catch my breath first. Much more to come.

I feel some flypaper thoughts coming on.


gMarie said...

Congrats on getting through the wedding. Glad it was everything. That is a lovely shirt. g

sdBev said...

Beautiful family and I loved your Esme top. I hesitate to share, but I go up 1 size for spanx. One size larger lets me breathe and is so much more comfortable. Besides I know I'm not really going to hid these extra pounds just keep them from jiggling.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I like the top and in defense of Spanx there are some that don't harm body parts - just do their jobs and keep you looking good! *LOL* Congrats on the wedding!

a little sewing said...

Oh I know that feeling!! It sounds like our children had weddings right around the same time (my daughter was September 19) and It sure took a while for me to recover, too.
Your Style Arc top is cute!

SuzieB said...

Handsome family!
Re: knit top - Spanx or no Spanx, I have the same rear view look as you - only mine is much bigger. Alas, I have no solution. Even weight loss doesn't solve the problem.