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Sunday, July 5, 2015

What happens when you give your camera to a three and a half year old to record a family party


Diane said...

Looks like they captured a good time from their point of view.

Elle said...

Well we all have our point of view! Reminds me of a local cat whose collar was outfitted with a camera that took photos on a regular schedule. He had his own little website showing the world from a cat's eye view. My favorite was the hairy legs and bathrobe hem of his owner. Apparently that was the pre-breakfast view. Nice shot of you--it seems you and the animals are the only VIPs! At least your face is visible, not your backside.

Lisa Laree said...

For my inlaw's 50th wedding celebration, all kids/spouses/grandkids accompanied them to a state park for a weekend. We gave disposable cameras to the school-aged grandkids (ages 10 - 13), then developed the photos and made an album. Some very interesting photos...a perspective none of the adults would've gotten, for sure!

Judi Pinkham said...