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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Another shirt

I have just sent off another shirt to my son in Brooklyn.

I am preparing a how to sew faster class for Burdastyle and it really occurs to me that the main thing is to make a pattern you have sewn before.

It is like when you go somewhere first time in the car, it takes so long to get there and so much faster to come back.

These shirts are taking me so much less time than the first versions, and every time I do one I come up with another efficiency.

The fabric is from Cotton and Steele ordered from Hawthorne Threads.

Next up, and project for the weekend is a formal dress from my sister who is visiting.

She has already cut it out, according to the size she wears in RTW.

I think you have a fairly good idea how this weekend is looking.

Off I go.


Anne said...

Yes, I'm slow and realise that I need a couple of TNT patterns. I have repeated patterns and found it easier second time around.

Angela M. said...

i'd love to watch a BurdaStyle class led by you! And... the shirt looks great. :)

Mary said...

Great looking shirt!

I just made 3 tank tops using V 9057-very fast and allows for creativity to flourish.

Anna said...

Great fabric matching with the pocket.

SewTypical said...

Shirt looks great!
...and where did you get that fantastic fabric?

Barbara said...

Fabric was again from Hawthorne Threads.

BeckyMc said...

Oh dear. Already cut it out according to RTW size? I foresee some frustration coupled with shopping for new fabric. Hope it goes better than that!

Anonymous said...

I hope your sister brought her cutting scraps with her, and that they are sizeable...
Great shirt! Commendable print matching!


Bonnie said...

Ohhh, suspense! I can't wait to hear about your sister dress!

See me at www.sewplus.blogspot.com


Linda said...

Nice looking shirt! I have seen this fabric a lot recently in blogsphere. It looks good as a shirt!

SewRuthie said...

Let's hope your sister chose a pattern line which has lots of ease.

Bunny said...

Can't wait to hear your report on how the weekend sewing project with Sis went. That is one great shirt. My hubby would definitely wear that.

SuzieB said...

Waiting to read about the weekend project, lol! I just finished building a bed - & these two projects may have more in common than you would initially imagine-