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Saturday, June 6, 2015

A green outfit

I posted a shot of myself sitting down in this outfit a while ago. 

It has taken me some time to slow down my photographer enough to get pictures when he is home. The husband has been busy replacing ornamental shrubs with raised bed vegetable gardens and pouring me a patio. All I want for outdoor landscaping/furniture is a good heavy picnic table and need somewhere to put it on.

I have pretty basic tastes and to my mind you can't beat a good picnic table. 

You can eat outside on it, sew on it, and if like me you are going to be taking care of grandchildren 2-3 days a week, it works well for lunches and you can hang the baby seat off it so the baby can eat outside with you too.

My husband like projects, particularly ones that allow him to destroy/rip out something first, in this case the bushes at the front of the house. Even better if he can rope an acquaintance to come over with some heavy machinery to do it. Nothing that man likes better than heavy machine marks all over the front lawn.

But of course all of has cut into his photography time.

We fixed that this morning with me standing on a bed in the guest room because on a grey wet day that room seemed to be collecting most of the natural light.

I usually don't wear this colour but I had some of this ponte downstairs and figured why not? I intended it to be a wearable muslin but now think I will wear it to the rehearsal dinner for my son's wedding. This kind of nice surprise with a new pattern rarely happens does it?

The top pattern was this one, good for folks with cylinder shaped bodies as it implies more shape than there might actually be:

Stylearc's Madeliene

The skirt is my TNT knit pencil from Pamela's Patterns. I sewed tricot to the side seams of each piece for body (left the hems free and unfinished):

And finally here is me in the result, if I look a little wonky you have to remember I was standing on a bouncy bed when these shots were taken:

And finally here is a shot of the happiest, wildest little dog in Canada. Our little Daisy at one brief moment when she wasn't tearing around the yard:

Now off to do some shirt-making today, don't think the rain is letting up.


Ekaterina sew at home said...

Очень красивая блузка! Милая собачка!!)

SewRuthie said...

Great outfit. Glad Daisy is happy.

Jacq C said...

That outfit looks great on you, very flattering. I really like that top pattern ...I'm trying really hard not to buy any when I have so many unused but it's a good one ... Tempted!

Mrs. Smith said...

So cute! Love the entire outfit!

Carol in Denver said...

Very pretty outfit; that color makes your skin glow!

Anonymous said...

That's a great outfit. I couldn't find Style Arc Madeliene on the website, alas. So, I have a question about the pattern. Is it two or three (or four?) pieces for the front? Perhaps I can cobble something together, being somewhat cylindrical and wishing for a bit of shape!
Daisy certainly looks bright and happy. Hers is a great story.
Vancouver Barbara

BeaJay said...

I love your outfit. Very stylish.

Donna W said...

Beautiful outfit. Color is great for you. Love to see pics of Daisy.

Bunny said...

That is such a beautiful color on you. Love this outfit and I think it will be perfect for the rehearsal dinner. Great job.

Ginger said...

This is a good color on you. I think it will be perfect at the rehearsal dinner.

Janet said...

Wow, looks terrific! Great colour on you and I love the necklace you chose. Home run!

Julie Culshaw said...

If you need to find a picnic table, hard to find good ones in Hfx, this guy in Porter's Lake makes wolmanized ones. We bought a 7' table, he delivers, it is unpainted so you need to stain it or paint it yourself. But it is the best buy around. A bit pricey, but it will last for a few years, unlike the spruce ones.


Judi Pinkham said...

That entire outfit is gorgeous on you and I say perfect for any event!
Sweet picture of Daisy!

mandy c said...

What a fabulous outfit. You look very stylish

Dorothy DotDot said...

Beautiful color and pattern design. Enjoy wearing it.