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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Oh honestly

First the context and then the sewing.

The oh honestly part comes from me spending a most boring weekend on my bed with my foot wrapped in ice up on an exercise ball. My physio, who is a kid who used to come around here to play, has me doing this to deal with a tendon I messed up on the top of my foot due to that heavy cutting board with cilantro on it that jumped off the counter. Apparently this resting icing thing should have happened about six weeks ago but that is another story.

My visit to her was fairly humiliating in that I was not as flexible or strong as I assumed I was and apparently not as sensible. Although come to think of it I never assumed I was sensible, or at least not many people did. I felt yesterday afternoon in her office as if I had gone from being the mother, to her being the mother. Yet another lesson that as you get older you are no longer the big cheese you thought you were.

Enough about all of that.

I have many life theories, like karma is a real thing, formally known in other times as going to heaven or hell but sooner, and lipstick is important.

I also believe that people are either wired up or down. Anyone who has ever known, as I have, a fox terrier and a golden retriever, will understand what I mean.

I have enormous sympathy for example for folks who fight depression. I know for an absolute fact that it is an inherent thing because I know it is something totally absent in me.My daughter and I always say that we are the kind of shallow people who can turn it totally around with a soft serve ice cream cone, which I suspect is not the case if you are really depressed. I know this because I have nice, nice friend for instance who just is always a little bit defaulting to down. This tendency has given her depth and empathy and humour as a human being but is always something she has beneath the surface every day. And of course in different people it is a question of degree.

For other folks, like me, the default is activity and, at its worst, obsession. I can't sit down and I don't. I take on too much and when I have a challenge I keep at it with a hammer until one of us is done. I recognize this in my family, from my mother who doesn't let anything go when she's onto it, to a son who would stop eating when he was doing Lego as a four year old unless you put down snacks next to him on the floor.

At the best we get a lot done. At the worst we wear ourselves out, or much worse, other people.

Back to fox terriers and karma.

I also know that if you ignore what life wants you to pay attention to it will keep coming back at you until you do.

Which put me in a place where a kid who used to play here threatened me with referrals to even more appointments I don't have time for and, worst of all, that she might call my daughter and report me or other things can happen if I don't take care of this even worse than not fitting into my new silver shoes.

So I am parked here for the weekend wondering if anyone knows a really good yoga CD and blogging.


Vicki said...

First of all I hope your foot is feeling better already. Your post was really interesting to me as I often wondered if people who are always doing things have to force themselves or if it comes without thought. You have answered that for me :) I am the golden retriever. I will sit down and not do anything in preference to getting things done. I have lots of ideas but not the follow through. I also tend to depression….sigh. So I can't just force myself?

a little sewing said...

Barbara, I have been doing yoga daily for a while now, because I've got a bum foot (plantars fascitis) and it is really wonderful. It doesn't hurt me and it only helps me, but I do the kind that doesn't necessarily burn a lot of calories. My current favorite DVDs are by Kathy Smith "Yoga Sculpt" and by Rodney Yee "Yoga Burn". It helps my depression too :)
I hope your foot feels better soon.

Ginger said...

Hope your foot gets better quickly.
About the yoga cd, if you have an ipad check out the Yoga Studio app. It's my new favorite.

Dinah said...

Sending good thoughts for your foot! My favorite Yoga DVD (several available) is with Stacy McCarthy.

I probably tend more toward the energy of a Golden Retriever, but with the stubborness of a terrier, lol. I get things done, but it takes me awhile.


V Mund said...

Best yoga dvd bar none: Total Yoga: Original, with Ganga White and Tracey Rich. It's been around since the days of videocassettes (although it doesn't seem dated), but it's the best all round yoga workout I've ever done. I have many yoga dvd's, have taken many classes over the years, and this is the dvd I keep coming back to (and enjoying), and the one I always recommend. Check out the reviews on Amazon; others seem to agree with me. PS: Sorry I sound like a fanatic, lol, but you know how it is when you find something great and want to share it with everyone. Love your blog, and I spread the word about it, too!