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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sewing and cakes

Yesterday between all other activities I finished yet another shirt, this one the grey bridges fabric, for my son in New York and mailed it off.

Did I have the presence of mind to take a picture of it? 

No of course not. 

But then again you are probably sick of my shirt shots. I did the flat felled seams on it, Pam Howard's way, and was very happy with them. Just so you know.

The thing is what is this blog anyway? A display case for production? I am not even in the running for that one, so better done elsewhere.

I have also managed to squeeze in a little sewing for myself while I work on my next shirt of bits and pieces. 

Since I am back teaching I sort of rushed through these projects and I am well aware my pattern matching was not up to par. 

We will file that under Oh Well and move on.

Another Renfrew in striped high quality bamboo knit from Stitches Halifax. I figure with my figure I can wear the banded versions of this pattern with skirts and will lengthen it into a tunic for wearing with pants. Here we go, I am in love with this cowl:

I also knocked off a short sleeve version of McCalls 6932.

I was thinking I need an easy shirt for tearing around the house and this is how that turned out:

I really like the way the collar sits but of course being a unisex pattern it has basically been drafted for a man, hence the really dropped shoulders and wide sleeves and more snugness in the hips than these hips require.

Still there is potential here and I am going to follow up on it by going down a size and adding hip ease. Stay tuned on that one.

And now onto cakes.

Today is Miss Scarlett's kid party and I am making the cake.

I made the mistake of going to Pinterest for ideas.

You have to remember that the folks on Pinterest are not operating on the 24 hour clock. They seem to be working with 78 hour days and none of that sleeping. I should have figured this out when I saw this easy craft:


Now these are cute, but what does the rest of a life that has the time and patience to do this look like?

Me I am still trying to match socks.

But reality doesn't intervene much on my aspirations.

After all I sew.

So when I saw this on Pinterest I said perfect. How hard can this be?

Of course I cut it right down to my available layer cake pans, which is four, and hauled out my dusty old box of food colouring, deciding to reduce it to pastels because I am highly suspicious of food colouring.

Anyway despite giving that up and my best intentions here is what I ended up with at about eleven last night:

A brownish purple cake.

A greenish blue cake.

An organish pink cake.

A yellow cake that just looks like yellow cake which in fact it is.

Thank goodness for icing and smarties.

Wish me luck.


Donna W said...

The cakes will still taste good. Your shirt looks great. Working does sort of interfere with sewing.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Pinterest came along after I was retired. I could never keep up with the high standards that people set on it. It is the Martha Stewart of our times.
Kathy C.

Bunny said...

I think they use a whole bottle of food coloring for each layer. Put that in your six year old!

Angela said...

Happy birthday to Miss Scarlett! I still get tempted by pinterest cakes, but so far haven't found one that compares (in taste) to ones I already have, and taste is much more important around here than presentation - at least, that's how I make myself feel better:) I like your shirts a lot, too!

Sew Chic said...

I love reading your posts. No matter what you choose to write about it never fails to bring a smile to my face. ps. it's always all about the frosting :)

Mary said...

I love both the knit top (of course I do, it has stripes), and the fantabulous shirt. My husband and I enjoyed your comments about Pinterest, and he said he could imagine doing the leaf craft activity. ha. I want to see a slice of the cake-it will be impressive, though pastel :-)