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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


You probably have a better brain than I do, but mine is a bit of a recycling bin. The stuff that rattles around in there unsorted is amazing. 

I have long learned to rely on my dreams to spit up interesting insights into how I work to me.

Some of my dreams are best left unfigured out, like the one where my dad's best friend was wearing my mother's dress, but some tell me things.

I woke up this morning from a nightmare.

I dreamt I was going into teach a class, my best assistant from my last job with me, and we took Mr. Rascal into the classroom with us. At the end of the class all the students filed out and we realized Mr. R had gone out with them and was now lost.

We searched and searched all over the hills where my school is but we just couldn't find him anywhere. 

Finally, I went home and explained all this to my husband. In the middle of the conversation we heard scratching at the door and we hoped it was Mr. R. However when we went to the door there were about twenty abandoned dogs in the front yard, I recognized many of them, including my boy Elvis who I sure hope has been adopted by now. They were all hungry and we fed them.

But there was no Rascal.

I realized when I woke up that I had gone to volunteer at the shelter in St. Augustine with the well-developed crazy part of my brain sort of hoping he would turn up there. I knew he was somewhere, but I just didn't know where.

I understood this when I woke up, and understood that in looking for him I found something else.

And I realized Miss Daisy was his last gift to me.

More later, this is just this morning.


Debbie Fox said...

Your thoughts brought tears...I lost my beautiful Ginger in September to cancer and even though I rescued Cooper from the same SAFE shelter you got Daisy, I still look for Ginger in my dreams. The realization that she is never coming back always hits me very hard. It's in those moments too, that I realize that Cooper is a precious gift to help me through my pain.

Anonymous said...

The companion animals we have loved, and who have loved us, are never gone from our lives or our psyches. I have no doubt that the connection between Mr Rascal and Daisy runs very deep. Thank you for sharing this dream--and of course for sharing all the events and feelings that have been a prelude to it! I'm so happy Daisy has found you, and you her!

Jane M said...

I am typing with tears since your dream and remarks are just what I feel about our dear two furry companions. I still miss Sam but he accepted Lucky when we found him abandoned at the dogpark and even though it looks different with each pet...and different with each person in our lives... still, love is love.

Kathie said...

Sweet. Each one leaves such a hole in our lives that we realize that we need to find the next "right one" to fill the void... Each unique, and the space too vital to our well being not to fill.

In another vein.. I just realized that on your journey north, you will be "Riving Miss Daisy!"

Anonymous said...

I think it helps me to think about what my dreams are telling me....for example I sometimes have a series of distressing dreams where I have made a terrible decision (taking the pet rabbit camping) that results in a bad outcome (rabbit lost in the wild and at terrible risk) - my theory is that I am feeling that I am failing in my responsibilities somehow and that the dreams are more beating myself up about that......so maybe my task is to be kinder and more understanding to myself. Or stop with the taking the rabbit camping....

Anyway, clearly you have been lucky in both your earlier and your current dogs.....


mjfla said...

Not related to the subject but so sorry for your loss. I saw a post you had another site and have tried to connect somehow with no success. It was about Sherry Derosia's site. That's gone but thought this might help: http://www.cyberport.net/users/milnerwm/FAQ.html

Lynn Barnes said...

Sounds like a prophetic dream to me! (Not predictive, but explanatory.) What a comforting conclusion to have reached, at the ending of a long relationship. I hope Miss Daisy realizes how lucky she is to have found a home with you.

Rose said...

I want to say something but I'm not sure how to say it. I believe that beloved pets who die always are with us in some way. Anyhow, that's my experience even when another beloved pet appears in my life. I'm glad that love in infinite. Enjoy Miss Daisy and give her a belly rub from me and my beloved Roxy.

Рябушкина Ольга said...

Yeah, you never know what's awaiting you ...I clearly reember a winter day when my daughter opend the box with new year presents and found a toy spaniel there. Little did we know that six months later we would find a lost spaniel and after having given it to its owners would buy a puppy spaniel.
Nothing is random, I'm sure...