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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Don't dis the lounger

Thanks for all the great comments. 

Word from my community and my own eyes when I looked at those shots myself have sent the brown skirt into the garbage can and the grey one down for a 2" hem shortening job.

I think my earlier box pleated skirt in a knit is best for winter professional wear, and I will use the Susan skirt again in something brighter/lighter for spring and summer.

My plan is to be in New York next Thursday through Sunday and who knows what me and my credit card will turn up. 

Now on to current sewing.

My friend Mary and I from the sewing guild have a secret.

We both are secret admirers of the lounger. 

You know that garment more associated with stiff bouffants, days of the week pill boxes (I actually remember I have one of those I use for trips), the thermostat on high, and beige broadloam, than fashion forward chicks like us.

That said there is something to be said for an outfit specifically geared to watching Downton Abbey after a person's bath while she knits socks. 


And really who cares what I wear to watch Downton Abbey. Certainly not Lady Mary.

So here it is, as previewed in my neckline fix post.

Bet you wish you had one:

My husband heads off for two months up north Thursday. I decided a racy picture would be a nice thing to send away with him. In Nova Scotia this qualifies as a racy picture.


Sueann Walter said...

I love it and the color is so cheerful. A lovely Valentine lounger!

trixie said...

I remember these and yours looks great. However, you could have made it out of a print so that the little drips of butter from the popcorn would be less visible.

Anonymous said...

Love the lounger. I just bought some fleece in almost the same colour to make almost the same lounger. And my name is Barbara too. What the heck is going on????

In your previous post, the long skirt made you look very tall which I found very interesting. A great skirt pattern for shorties who want to look taller.

I wonder if you've ever had your colours done. You appear in photos to be quite delicate in colouring and I wonder if some of your pieces are too harsh for you colour-wise.

I always enjoy your posts.
Thank you.

Barbara said...

Bingo the other Barbara. I was colour analyzed as a "winter" a million years ago and am in the process of both brightening it up and lightening it down. This takes time when you have so much invested in fabric, accessories and clothes. A long time feeling my clothes were wearing me, you know what I mean. It will take some mistakes and experiments but I will get there. Thanks for the comment.

Gail said...

Husband away for two months could mean a lot of sewing...unless you've been left with younger kids.

annie said...

Is it warm? Looks like it. That's what's important. And the color is great. You Nova Scotians really know how to nail a thrill!!!

Angela said...

This is way more sexy than anything I've slept in this winter (think knee socks, flannel pants, giant t-shirt and even giant-er sweatshirt), so kudos to Nova Scotia style:)

Anonymous said...

I miss these also. I was just remembering one I had made out of towels. Heavy, textured towels in blue and green with those little paisley things woven in. It was so warm and comfy especially after a warm bath. Now I really miss it. Might have to sew up one in a really warm fabric.
It did take forever to dry in the dryer - as I remember. But that was the days of cheap energy!!!!

Rose said...

Lady Mary would be jealous. I am!

Lucille said...

I go one further in this direction. I adore the mumu! Pops on and off in a flash (for trying on whatever you're sewing), hides all sins, underwear is optional and it's cool on a hot day. Makes me feel very Hawaiian on a winter's day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other poster about your colors. I thought that you might be a Spring because of your eye color and fair skin. I am a Winter with light tanned skin, brown eyes and salt and pepper hair which used to be dark brown. I wear bright colors which contrast with my hair and skin. Anyway I am making almost the same lounger pattern for greeting the UPS man when he brings my fabrics. It is not cold in LV where I live but it is cool at night.
Love your blog,
Kathy C

sensoussi said...

Very nice fabric and marvellous job!