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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flypaper thoughts

  • Been doing a lot of sewing.
  • Reviews and pictures will trickle by you soon.
  • In the mood for this instead tonight.
  • Spent the day trying to feel sorry for myself.
  • Really hard.
  • Love of my life is leaving soon for two months above the Arctic Circle.
  • You read that right.
  • So far north and any further he is on his way back.
  • Serves him right.
  • I will have to find the remote on my own.
  • He has the attributes that matter most to a Canadian wife.
  • He can make a person laugh even in February.
  • Even on a Monday morning in February.
  • He shovels the snow.
  • He makes nachos when you want to sew.
  • I notice when he is gone.
  • This week my workplace was shut because of a blizzard.
  • Half my evening online class didn't log in.
  • Said they thought we were cancelled because of the weather.
  • You see what I am up against here.
  • Started some clothes to have self pity in.
  • Velour housecoat in case I decide to age this way or become a hoarder.
  • It involved the Rule of Corners.
  • If you are a new sewer let me explain.
  • If you set in something with corners only one will turn out.
  • Or if they both work, they will be different.
  • This is a rule.
  • When I was a young pup sewing wise I would have ripped it all out.
  • Three times.
  • And made holes.
  • I now know better.
  • My daughter had ric rack at her place.
  • Pretty much if you have ric rack you are in business.
  • Woke up at 11:30 Wednesday night and my step daughter was standing in the hallway.
  • She lives in England.
  • Not in my hallway.
  • They were coming for a visit and they got stuck in a snowdrift on the way to her sister's.
  • We thought the flight had been cancelled.
  • Good thing I am close.
  • And I always have a lasagna in the freezer.
  • English boyfriend thought snow was so neat so l he dug out my walk.
  • There is potential there.
  • Ric Rack cheered me right up.
  • Even went and fixed the holes the spouse's felted mittens.
  • It is very helpful in this life to be shallow.
  • The best thing about grandchildren is that a kid is back in the house.
  • And it's you.
  • I will be in Florida in April.
  • Pretty sure Miss Heidi put a toothbrush down the sink.
  • Will know when the pipes get cut open.
  • But we are not missing a toothbrush.
  • This is getting exciting.
  • My grandfather's first pharmacy was on the way to the North.
  • Place called Flin Flon.
  • The store was called Gateway Drugs.
  • You can't make stuff like this up.
  • My dad was named after the president of their best selling product.
  • Sanitary napkins.
  • Norval.
  • That was my dad's name not the sanitary napkins.
  • What do you expect.
  • After that my grandfather called him Skip.
  • Wonder if there are any nachos left.
  • May all your problems be fixable with ric rack.
  • That is not an Irish blessing.
  • It should be.


annie said...

Where do I start? I howled w/ laughter the whole way whilst trying to read it to my better half. I shall be in Fla in April also, Key West to welcome my baby boy's son. Love all the circles of life.

MrsSmith said...

This was great! :) glad you got some sewing done. Hope the next two months pass by quickly.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this so much. Here is to a quick two months! ~Teri

Bunny said...

To the arctic? I would be wallowing in pity as well. Love your collar save.

Anonymous said...

"Half my evening online class didn't log in.
Said they thought we were cancelled because of the weather.
You see what I am up against here."

LOL. Yup. And really, what business does your SO have traispsing off into the wilds when he should be home making you nachos? Those garments aren't going to sew themselves, now are they? :)

Scenic Route said...

Could be worse--could be Ulaanbaator Mongolia (as in Outer). For 10 years. It' me who leaves for a few months at a time--to thaw out and play with 8 grandkids! Great post. Hey, I've thought for years that velcro-ing the remote to our selves, say on a headband, would be brilliant.

Sue said...

Thank you. I am still giggling about your class not logging on. Maybe they need rick-rack. You are welcome to come to No CA. It is 70 F. I could make you nachos.

Diana said...

Loved this post We have a lot in common...well we're fellow Canadians and have helpful husbands.I'd be totally lost without mine for two months!Ouch!

kim nath said...

So funny, you made my day a little happier.

Janet said...

Always love your flypaper thoughts. Thank goodness for ric rack. My husband is from Alberta, he doesn't believe in shovelling snow in Toronto, because it always melts….He loves vacuuming thought. I am making the Lark Maxi Cardi because it has been below -20C for weeks and no sign of change.

Judi Pinkham said...

Reading your flypaper thoughts is better than watching TV!!!

Wendy said...

This cracked me up! I've had a tough day with someone in the hospital and this was just what I needed. Thanks!

LinB said...

Wah ha ha ha hah! "Thought we were closed because of the weather." God bless rick rack.

Tillie's Mom said...

It's -15 f here tonight...tell him no need to head to the arctic...just jump over the lake to the u.s....it came here for a visit!