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Friday, October 4, 2013

Well that was one weird week: otherwise know as more flypaper thoughts

  • My hairdresser gave me the chop this week.
  • I went in with a picture of an old hairstyle and said I wanted something lighter like this.
  • She lightened it alright.
  • To about 3/4" all over my head of thin hair
  • Spent the rest of the week on the phone to my sister Nancy
  • My daughter said you are bald, get a wig
  • Spent part of my week not on the phone to Nancy researching hair extensions, wigs, wraps,and tickets to Outer Mongolia.
  • Only cheered up when I realized headbands could be a new sewing project.
  • Here is a picture of the chop 
  • I got a haircut because it was picture day at the radio
  • Go figure
  • Since when do they need pictures on the radio
  • Sometimes Miss Scarlett plays radio
  • I have to hide behind the couch because as she says you can't see people on the radio
  • Got to vacuum behind that couch
  • Making T shirts all weekend
  • Restorative therapy
  • Going to explain pin and mark in quarters to my next Burdastyle class on Thursday
  • I have just the haircut for distance education
  • Going to be doing election night chat for the station
  • From my friend's house because she has the best snacks
  • When I retire I am going to the basement and play country and western music and Motown, nothing else, not politics. 
  • Only girl bands and only loud.
  • And make T shirts
  • Probably also loud
And signing off tonight for all of you out there


Anonymous said...

actually the hair looks pretty cute......no need to hide behind furniture!


MarcyF said...

I think you're about the coolest person on earth, so while I don't think it's that bad of a haircut in the grand scheme of things, who really cares if it is. I'm not so sure you even do. But it's a great subject to talk about. I always love hearing your perspective on things--even the most mundane. (Not that a bad hair experience is to be considered a mundane issue by most of us. It can be quite a vital subject in life)

Karin said...

It's not so bad. Hair grows you know! In a month, it will be half an inch longer which will change the look entirely. By Christmas you will need a new haircut!

Sueann Walter said...

I like the haircut. My sister wore hers like that for many years and I always loved it. Your face handles it quite nicely. I also love Motown!

Sueann Walter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
prttynpnk said...

Its cute and scarf accessories are lots of fun to play with!

Bunny said...

I think it looks great and shows off your lovely face. As Karin said, it will grow back fast.

Karen in VA said...

I like the haircut. Of course, that may be because I like my hair really short...I just made a female vocalist playlist yesterday to listen to while I work...Having 3 family members furloughed due to the US gov't shutdown in the US, I couldn't even handle listening to white male singers....Great song you linked to!

Pattyskypants said...

The hair is good . . . it looks fine, you have a good neck and a big smile and the only problem I can see is we are moving rapidly toward winter and your neck is now vulnerable to the cold wind. However, you can knit lotsa scarfs and wear turtlenecks. Hair grows.

Angela said...

I sympathize. I once had a haircut so traumatic that I never got my hair cut short again for 21 years -- until this past summer when I got it cut above my shoulders. My hair is getting thinner, too. I use schwarzkopf's got2B fat-tastic's thickening plumping mousse, which does seem to help. Anyway, you still look beautiful and I'm glad to see you are wearing your blue outfit:)

Scenic Route said...

Hey, I think the cut is flattering! But I haven't been afraid of short for some years. AND...since I actually live in Ulaanbaatar, (Outer) Mongolia, boy do I have some crazy haircut history here! But if you really do want to escape to Mongoilia, you have a friend to pick you up at the airport and show you around :) The cashmere is amazing and I'm sure you could find an awesome cashmere hat

Denise said...

I listened to a few minutes of you talking on the radio, and would like to say 2 things: It is fantastic to now have an idea of the tone of your voice when I am reading your fantastic blog posts, and secondly, your hair seems MUCH longer on radio !

Lyrique said...

Hey! I think it's really a good cut, and it shows your wonderful face more.

What radio show? If it live-streams, I'd like to hear your voice, too. That would be great fun.

Barbara said...

You can click on a link on the same page as the studio shot and here us. Pretty dull but yes that voice just like my mother's is mine.

LinB said...

Wow, that is pretty chopped, alright! Still, it's only hair, etc. etc. etc. as reassured to you above by many friends.

As for the need for a head shot: Maybe the radio maintains a website, and/or a Facebook and Twitter presence, for which they need plenty of visuals. Otherwise, I'm with you. Plenty of my family and friends have a great face for radio, lol.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up for the new hair style. Suits the new glasses. I like it.


Meegan said...

I think it's a sharp, stylish haircut! Well done!

Rose said...

I like the haircut and the beautiful blue that you are wearing. IMO, you are ready for TV, wearing your new T-shirts. (I'm afraid to look behind my couch.)