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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Burdastyle webinar

I have a couple of projects I have been working on, including a radio show on elections, but the one I am really interested in are a couple of one hour live webinars for Burdastyle.

The first one will be on September 19th and will be on how to make your garments more professional looking. I will be doing one on knits in October and one in November on sleeves.

The details for the first session are here

I am so pleased to be doing this for a whole lot of reasons:

  • I have sewn for a very long time. I have made a lot of mistakes, figured out how to do a better job, taken classes, read, talked sewing, and practiced. A lot. I have sewn long enough to know how much the patterns don't tell you, and I also know most new sewers are more or less teaching themselves as they work through the pattern instructions. I want to share some of what took me so long to learn with sewers just getting going - because I want their projects to turn out so they will feel as good about sewing as I do.
  • This is an online course, a live webinar, although my understanding is the material will also be available as a recording. In my day job I do a fair bit of teaching that way. I am pretty pleased to have my worlds collide like this, and for once to be working with material that is dear to my heart not just my head. Imagine how you would feel if you went to work and they called a meeting and said "OK let's forget about the agenda and just listen to (insert your name here) talk about interfacing instead." Pretty cool thought isn't it?
  • The folks at Burdastyle have been a delight to work with, clean, organized, and best of all, they are letting me do my own thing. All the characteristics of a good relationship.
  • The webinars are cheap. $19 is reasonable and this makes the course accessible to the kinds of sewer I am most interested in talking with.
The only downside of course is limiting the content in my head - there is a lot of "man I have to tell them that too" going on around the old laptop at the moment, but I am trying to control myself.

Oh and yes they sent me this, makes sense:


Karen in VA said...

Very cool!!! Will have to take at least one of them.....

Kathie said...

Wow! I will be there!

KC said...

What time of day on Sept 19 does the webinar broadcast live? (The Burda site is remarkably uninformative!)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm so thrilled for you! This is a perfect fit and I'm sure that you will share some amazing information that will help sewists move to the next level!

meredithp said...

This is the first Burdastyle webinar that has interested me and it's because of you! You are the first Threads author (or any any author) that I ever contacted about how much I enjoyed an article. I think it was about combining fabric and pattern style. Was a long time ago, but after the invention of e-mail. Was thrilled when I found your blog and have been in stitches (sorry) ever since. ;-)

Cleverclogs said...

Sounds awesome! I suspect that the time zone difference will make me unlikely to be there for the live session, but I'm definitely interested in the possibility of a recorded version.

WANNASEW said...

Hello. I just got my email from Burda about your 9/19 workshop. I'm a beginner (not novice). I'm looking forward to the one on knits. I recently purchased some knits on sale, but haven't sewn anything. I see all of the various types of knits on pattern envelopes and don't know the difference. Hopefully your workshop will explain different knits and help those of of that don't know how to tell what from what, etc. :-). In one purchase situation, I asked the sales person the difference in (showed pattern envelope). Really couldn't or didnt' explain it. :-). Thanks so much!

WANNASEW said...

PS: I've done maybe 2 prior burdastyle webinars. Because I'm @ work and due to the nature of my job (seeing public in & out of office), I usually try to go in a few minutes before, keep screen minimized, and if I have a question, I'll type it in. Hard to sit through the entire seminar without interruptions :-(, however, I love the fact that burda has a quick turn around with the recording and the fact that they include ALL recommended resources for further learning/instruction. Hopefully, this one won't be over my head--but I am very interested...and even if it is, I can always go back to it when I feel my skill level has reached that point.

I'm sure they'll be something I'll be able to incorporate. :-)

Barbara said...

Wannasew, just so you know this Thursday's class is about professional finishing and the seminar on knits isn't until October.

Ash said...

I just logged off of the How To Sew Faster webinar. Well done and thank you, Barbara. I hesitated to pay the fee. Your information was well worth it. I am cutting out a blouse today and already thinking of how I can use many your tips.