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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flypaper thoughts on the week that was

It has been a busy week for me.

I have had my 14 year old niece visiting, doing the work thing, and general life.

This afternoon I am going AWOL however and taking my machine, a layer cake, and the pieces for that purse I have been wanting to make over to a get together of some sewing friends.

Really due for that.

Listen I have to tell you how much I have read and re-read your comments on the last post, re hair and glasses. This is probably vanity but when you go through certain stages you realize that you need to retool your look so you look like a good version of yourself in the time and place you are now.

And when you do the grey thing the fact is the colours you wear change and you have to make some decisions. 

The best way to describe this, and my week, is in the list. Good luck with it. 

Then off I go to pack up my sewing:

  • My niece is so smart.
  • She lives with her mother and my mom and this is a reflection of that household.
  • My kids didn't watch only documentaries at 14.
  • I believe Drop Dead Fred and Braveheart (viewed 24 times by the boys) were on then.
  • I can recite "Men of Scotland " in my sleep.
  • Too bad Mel Gibson went off the rails.
  • Good thing he made that speech before he did.
  • At least the boys think so.
  • I am seriously considering dumping the grey and black and going navy and colours as my new neutrals.
  • 30 years work/dressing to standard is just about long enough.
  • I have decided to do some fill in the gap activities with my niece.
  • We have done how to cook Thai, plum cobbler, and 14 easy vegetarian lunches.
  • So far so good.
  • Texting trumped my "let's can five quarts of beans" session however.
  • Don't get that.
  • Have taught her to knit.
  • She is about where I am skill wise after half an hour.
  • There is a lesson there but I have a feeling I am not going to learn it.
  • Taught her how to remove shoulder pads from Value Village items.
  • Totally failed trying to explain the 80s.
  • Thinks I am faking it that we wore these things.
  • Plus button earrings.
  • Was on radio yesterday again.
  • Sat in a studio with learned folks and said things like "that's nuts".
  • Maybe the person who lives in the blog should stay in the blog.
  • Saying what you really think can make you sound like a dip.
  • Take it from one who knows.
  • They want me back.
  • This is stressful.
  • Am going to be doing some webinars for Burdastyle.
  • My people get the dip.
  • This is not stressful.
  • Have ordered smaller, pink rimmed glasses.
  • Haggled down my optometrist assistant who revealed they had made two pairs of my lens by mistake.
  • Got a cut price on the frames.
  • Think she thinks I should go quietly.
  • Like in a denim jumper down to my calves.
  • Not happening kiddo.
  • Like I should be taking fashion advice from a woman who wears a strapless sequinned T shirt to work.
  • Doesn't she know I have a face for radio.
  • Eyelid primer is a great invention.
  • Should have had it in the 80s.
  • Am thinking it is all about the lipstick.
  • Thanks to the blog reader who said get off the diary.
  • Thank you thank you.
  • Saw ENT and my reflux throat is A OK and I am off the meds.
  • Think the dr. is annoyed. 
  • He told me medication was the only answer.
  • I feel great.
  • And I get to go sew now too.


annie said...

I've worn navy blue all my life. Credit the nuns for that. I rebelled briefly but I find that black, although it is supposed to be one of my "colors", is very harsh. So for me, navy blue it is! Always enjoy your blog, particularly Fly Paper Thoughts. Wonder how many of your readers have actually ever seen a fly paper in action?

Janet said...

Thank you! Agree with many...particularly the navy is the new black for the grey. Lauren Hutton said that once. It is so much gentler on the skin and "reads" black. Good luck with that. I just bought a new black dress. It is hard to change old habits. I lived in black in my twenties....It was the eighties.

BeccaA said...

I love your version of the Vogue blouse. You definitely look friendly and hip with your new hair style, glasses and blouse.

I can't remember if I am the one who suggested that you cut dairy out of your diet, but it definitely solved my reflux problems. Glad it helped you.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I am seriously considering dumping the grey and black and going navy and colours as my new neutrals.

Yes, definitely go with the navy and colors. It adds color and highlight to our aging faces which makes us look younger.

Anonymous said...

I was on PPI for 10 years as every MD insisted that I had to. I recently took a BRAVO test, the definitive test for reflux and it turns out that II don't have reflux. No one has an explanation but that's okay, I feel fine! I'm also wearing more colors after too many years of working clothes basics -- I feel cheerier and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Good choice with the navy and colors. I let my hair go natural very early on as I started turning gray about age 15 - runs in the family. It is now snowy silver white - get some compliments on it but have found black to be a little harsh. It's hard to totally eliminate black - but I am sewing much more navy and light gray now than black. Easier on the eyes when you sew as well.
Pat E

Cleverclogs said...

So glad to know that I'm not alone in deciding that it's time to abandon black.I wore black in my 20s to look older and more sophisticated. Now that I'm nearly 62 I'm definitely older so I must be more sophisticated mustn't I? So I can swap black for navy!

Anonymous said...

I liked 'the dip' on the radio and what she had to say.

We have been busy with family and grand girls,four under the age of seven. So Barbara, I have been reading but time to comment has been scarce.

Yes to gray hair and a good cut. Softer colours and glasses need to be softer on my old face also.

Lord knows when I'll see my sewing room again. I envy you your sewing day with friends.
Lots to catch up on with you.