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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The colour mystery

O.K. let's start with where the canning intersected with the sewing.

I have been making various things, with a one week pause because my sister-in-law and mother-in-law are here. They are wonderful and it has been a great week.

But back to canning for a minute.

I have been making mango and ginger chutney and processing it in my new super duper giant canner, which is thrilling to use:

Just imagine what I can unleash on the family with this baby.

One of my great pleasures has been stirring the mango mixture because it is so colourful and so beautiful:

I mean how can anything that looks this upbeat not make you cheerful? Impossible not to smile when you look at this.  And below is my mango jam (all eaten up already by the relatives, at least I now know what to make them for Christmas), equally zippy looking:

And I have also made, among other things, a Jamaican banana and ginger jerk type chutney with a lot of pep and great flavour. 

However it looks like this in the jar:

I mean how non tasty does this look? It's is the kind of stuff you serve and have to say "Look I know it looks like gruel but it's really, really good." I should have added turmeric or something for colour. So this stuff, which is one of my best, is still sitting there looking like glug, jar after unopened jar.

The problem is the colour.

Which brings me to a huge contribution I am about to make to Western Thought and Civilization is general.

Maybe no one should wear clothes in colours that they would not eat.

Hang in there with me, think this through.

One thing that really strikes you in Florida is all the colour in the clothes. Walk into a Belk (southern department store) and the colour in the ladies' dresses is sort of an explosion. Look at Lilly Pulitzer clothes:

As  my sister-in-law observed these aren't the colours they wear at home in Nova Scotia. 

Gee that is too bad, and about to change.

OK I get it. 

I mean the colours reflect the environment, and in Nova Scotia for 3/4 of the year, in rain, sleet, snow, frozen ground seasons, this is what those colour are:

OK, now how about this.

If it is grey and dark outside why not resist? Why not counter-attack?

Why not dress uplift not downshift?

I mean who wrote the rule that people in February shouldn't wear sorbet rainbow colours? 

What's with the dead colours when you need life most?

What's with wearing what you wouldn't eat?

So I am staking out a place of resistance here, and with SIL enabling, here are my new sunglasses:

One step at a time folks, one step at a time.


Bunny said...

All smiles.

Nancy McKenzie said...

You are resplendent like the noon day sun! And I am imagining how great your kitchen must smell. Mmmm....

Angela said...

Love your glasses, and your new color manifesto. I think that is the exact same canner I asked for and got for Christmas! I haven't used it yet though so any posts on using it would be appreciated:)

The Hojnackes said...

I love the idea of having lots of color in the months of grey weather!

Sheila said...

Love your new style column-agree about bright colours needed more in drab weather/places. Keep up the good work keeping us cheerfull :-))

Mae said...

I live in Cairns, Australia and I visit my parents in Nova Scotia every year, during their hottest weather. I can't wear my Cairns clothes there because I look too exotic. I leave 'Nova Scotian' clothes at my parents' house, because I certainly don't want them in Cairns!

Pattyskypants said...

Color exists to please us, so why not partake regardless of the season or the location.

Judi Pinkham said...

I was ever so disappointed when you posted your "gone fishing" blogging pause! I'm glad you didn't take a long 'fishing trip'!!!
You nailed it with "wearing what you wouldn't eat"!!!!

LinB said...

Same phenomenon apparently at work in South Dakota. High school exchange students from SD went bonkers at our North Carolina mall when they were here over a weekend: same styles, same prices, but they could get a color other than gray or tan. It's weird to think that much of the world doesn't spend its time saturated in all the colors of the spectrum, all of the time. You go, girl! Drag that neon Florida sunshine all the way up the coast with you, when you go home!

Judi Pinkham said...

LinB...I hope you see this. You are right! I do live in SD and yes the people here do wear mostly earth tones...or black, gray and white...or muted, drab colors. Until you told about the SD exchange students, I didn't realize it IS what the stores here sell. But, maybe the stores only have drab colors because it's all the people here buy??? I buy fabric on the internet...beautiful colors and prints that make me smile. I also just realized why I buy my fabric on the internet... even the local fabric stores only carry drab colors! We need that Florida sunshine out here too!!!