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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

O.K. I am back

Well that didn't last long did it?

I needed to refresh my mental screen but it turns out that there isn't really as much on the screen as I thought, so I am back, with a few new things to say.

First of all I missed you.

I have lots of opinions and profound observations circulating around in my head and to tell you the truth the local audience is not as interested in some topics as they could be.

Things like what a stupendous new TNT dress pattern means to me for example. (More on that later I am working on version three).

You know those thoughts you have by yourself and you think, gee I should tell someone about this.

Well you are the folks I tell.

I also had to figure out what I was actually doing with this blog and I decided that the time has come for me to branch out of strictly sewing stuff to include other random activities.

Like anyone who writes a sewing blog there are definite moments when you think, "I should be blogging but I haven't made anything decent this week", and then you think "well I am falling behind in blog sewing production, way behind everyone else so I had better make something this weekend so I can have something to write about."

I mean how stupid is that as a reason to sew, and certainly not what you want me to be doing either. 

There are tons more organized, creative and productive sewing bloggers out there, making amazing things continually, but I have to tell you I realize that I have just one body and it goes to the same places- home, my daughter's to babysit, the store for groceries, work, sewing guild meetings and other social activities, and a few times a year to NYC to see my son and once a year down here in Florida.

I can rotate my current wardrobe pretty effectively through this cycle and only need so much. 

In fact what I really need is to sew things that are interesting to me or catch my eye and that's it. 

I sew without a plan, sometimes like a crazy person and some times not.

That's it and it doesn't always produce a wowser to blog about every weekend.

I also do other stuff and would like to blog more regularly about all of that without thinking my sewing readers are bored.

So I figure if I announce what this blog is going to be about, going forward as they say at work, it would be this:

  • Sewing. Obviously, that's core business and the title of this blog.
  • Cooking. I am a quick and easy aficionado, and any time I find a short cut way to get something on a plate I want to share that.
  • Family. Look this is the centre of my life and I think a lot about relationships in families and how they change. If it isn't diplomatic to tell them, well I will tell you. Deal?
  • Babies. We have two more due around Christmas and I am all involved in that.
  • Women. The lives of women, I find that pretty fascinating.
  • Random additional opinions, probably uncensored.
So that's where things stand right now.

I hope, if you are a sewing reading only blogger this is not a disappointment to hear I am adding some branches here. And I hope too that none of you have your hopes up too high.

This blog will continue to provide the same poor level of design and production with the same level of amateur photography (although we are working on that getting the whole head in the shot part) you have come to expect.

It appears we are back in business.


BeccaA said...

I look forward to reading your observations and food ideas as well as your sewing production. I enjoy your perspective and writing style. Thanks for sharing whatever bits of life you wish.

Mary said...

Good. I'm glad.

Jean said...

I am so pleased! I have been thinking how I will miss your comments on sewing, life and food-canning, pizza on the clean oven cycle...I rarely comment on blogs but I do want you to know how much I enjoy your work. Now, off to the Asian market to buy supplies for spring rolls. Jean

Karen in VA said...

I like reading all of your blog posts so I won't disappointed and I won't disappear....Glad you're back!

Far said...

Well Welcome Back! I Always Enjoy Your Posts And From The List You Shared, Those Are Pretty Much What Ive LoveD reading About On Your blog :) Thanks SO Much For Sharing...

Karen said...

Thank-you for coming back! I read a lot of sewing blogs and most I just glance at for the sewing photos. However, I do actually read yours for whatever you care to share that day and would miss all your posts should you to choose to stop one day!

BeckyMc said...

I love your writing style and if you come up with things like those spring rolls I will never miss a post.

Connie said...

Glad you're back. Whatever you write about, I'll be reading.

wendy said...

Looking forward to reading all this very much. Sewing just to have something to blog about does seem like craziness to me.

Mae said...

I'm glad you're back. I like your list of 'extras' to blog about. If you feel like blogging about your dog, I'll be happy to read those posts. Frankly, I'm even more interested in your dog than the rest of your family.

Vicki said...

Welcome back!

a little sewing said...

Barbara, I am glad you are back and your reasoning is sound. I so understand all of the issues you mentioned. For a long time I sewed constantly in order to fill my closet. Lo and behold, my clothes have staying power. It is the fabric - I think we are using better quality fabric in our sewing that what the manufacturers are using. And I am not even talking about stores known for "fast fashion". I don't want to mention names. I find that the store-bought lasts two seasons at most, and my home-made stuff is going strong year after year. And, I really do not mind that people see me in the same thing over and over. anyway .... keep writing!! And when my life settles down a little, I will get back to blogging more regularly, too.

Colleen G said...

I will join the chorus as I have always enjoyed your perspective and observations as much as I have learned from your sewing. Glad that I will have your blog to read with my morning coffee as it gives me something to think about while those around me are lost in their e-readers.

Patty said...

So glad you are posting again, and I look forward to all your posts. I agree, that putting other content on the blog besides sewing (and knitting in my case) just makes it more interesting for me, and allows me to a keep a journal of sorts. That's the whole reason I started blogging, and it's been my pleasure to find that others enjoy reading it, too!
Off to make some veggie rolls....!

Cosmos said...

I'm glad you're back! I like your writing style, and personally, I find blogs on a variety of topics more interesting than one topic only blogs.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Personally I think your blog, write about what you want. I'll read when I'm interested and when I'm not I'll keep moving. Being true to yourself is the most important and fulfilling thing!

sewingkm said...

Like Carolyn said be true to yourself and write whatever you desire and I'll keep reading and enjoying your blog.

Martha said...

What a day brightener to see your blog with this message.

Though I am sewing blog kind-of person, you have a gift for words. And I love words almost as much as I love sewing. 3rd behind grandchildren.

Thanks for starting again.

Lyrique said...

HOT diggety DAWG!

Anonymous said...

Love your musings--they're honest and funny. Elle

Mrs Woman said...

Glad you're back, those 12 hours were just unbearable! From chaos management to fully realized human being in half a day......genius. Isn't life so much better when you surrender to reality? Self imposed indispensibility is way over rated and owning the day has never gotten deserved respect. Write what you will and we will all ride the wave right along with you. Fair warning, I'm jumping off the bus if you chronicle kitchen table taxidermy or something just plain wacky like cooking a meal on the manifold during a long journey. Uh-oh, well then,........ right, carry on.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for continuing the blog. I find all your writing interesting!