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Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I made since Christmas (this used to be a SWAP)

I am nearing end of term and in three weeks we go off to Florida again for two months, where we will both be working remote, golfing, and in my case sewing and knitting.

As I have said in my last post I have shifted gears and have, consistently, become a SWAP drop out because I have neither the time or focus right now to give a proper raincoat the attention it deserves. There is always later as most delusional sewers know.

I decided this morning to snag my husband and do a photo shoot since that is as good as my SWAP ambitions are going to get. 

Here are the shots he took in between making bread and building a new hall closet - our renovations continue as the background for these shots show.

So these pictures display the careful styling you have come to expect from me - tops over yoga pants and even a dress over yoga pants, which is probably not how I will wear it in real life. I have class.

Here we go:

Slippers I knit because I was trying to conserve suitcase space for my fabric buying travels. One foot turned out larger than the other but that's OK because I seem to remember I have one foot larger than the other, but usually can't remember which one.

All I got done on my raincoat so far. Covering these buckles in New York cost about the same as buying a raincoat in Halifax.

The face you give your husband when he says, "you are standing there stiff looking like a nun, do something with your arms."

The Indigo junction  Mod top, I should have done the view with the doubled collar but still love this top.

My sister called in the middle of the shoot to discuss her new wall colour, grey. I think I should use that too if we ever get as far as the wall painting part. One of many versions of the Style Arc Jane top.

StyleArc Ada T-shirt with pockets

Liberty lawn Jane top.

My sister did her wood trim in Winter White with some painting tricks she learned on Pinterest. Oh and the Jane blouse again.

The last shots are all of Vogue 8847 . 

This dress cost me $3.00 as it was polyester I bought from my friend Norma and the sewing guild fabric sale. 

I wanted to do a muslin sort of, of this pattern since I haven't worn this style since 1982. Turns out I really like the print but being polyester and this being Canada where it is still winter and the house are crackling with static, I can't figure out, or remember, how to keep it from sticking to me. I used to have some spray stuff from the non- green 1980s, not sure if you can get it now.

So that's it.

It's summer stuff from here on in.


Towanda said...

Everything turned out great, you look so happy to be wearing them. Enjoy Florida.

BeckyMc said...

I love your blouses, especially the Tshirt with pockets. I have a solution for the static problem. Use a fabric softener dryer sheet ("Bounce" in the U.S.) and rub it all over your slip or nylons or whatever you are wearing. It will give you long lasting static freedom. I also carry a dryer sheet in my purse just in case. It's never failed me. :)

Karen in VA said...

Your tops and dress are really nice - love the prints!!!

BetsyV said...

Static Guard and yes, you can still get it, at least in the US.

Kelie McWilliams said...

Lovely!! Static Guard is still available, I see it at most drug stores, etc. Alternately, you can take a used dryer sheer, and rub it on the inside to reduce the static. (I say used because its less chemical all at once, but I'm sensitive to it in large amounts).

Jeanneke said...

Putting your polyester dress in the freezer for 24 hours is a cheap and well working alternative.


Angela said...

Love all your blouses and your dress is great, too! Also love the poses with the phone:)

Pattyskypants said...

Dibs on the Liberty Lawn Jane top!

Carol in Denver said...

Oh, I love that Mod Top on you! It conveys a youthful, creative flair -- to match your personality!

Bunny said...

all of these tops are great, Barb. I particularly like the Indygo Junction pattern and the great color on you. I use Static Guard and find it everywhere but that's over the border here.

Judi Pinkham said...

They are all cute. I like the StyleArc the best.

Steph A said...

They're ALL FAB tops, and a great collection of everyday wearable "cake" tops! I especially love the Mod Top! It's great on you.

a little sewing said...

oh look at all that great work and the photoshoot was a resounding success :)

I know what you mean about the SWAP. My brand of delusion is to just ignore the deadline. I have an idea of what I want to sew and it will simply happen on its own timeframe.

Seeing so many garments makes me play a little game of "which one do I like best?" and I think it is the Liberty lawn blouse, but truly they are all BEAUTIFUL!!

SEWN said...

I especially love the Liberty lawn top and the dress. Great SWAP.

LinB said...

Rub body lotion over the outside of your pantyhose, and/or slip (does anyone still wear slips?) if you can't find the antistatic spray. Possibly your bra, too -- I've never been to Canada, so cannot speak to how far you'll have to lubricate yourself to avoid static cling. Wisconsin got pretty dry in the winter, I dimly recall.

Rose said...

My compliments go to the seamstress and the photografer (think the spelling is off there-I'm referring to the guy who takes pictures.) Everything looks great! What a nice raincoatless SWAP! I love all the garments but especially like those slippers! Have a safe trip to Florida.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

How did I miss this post?! First the pieces are stunning! And the photo shoot was fun...nothing like a DH to get the "best" of your sewn clothing! Personally I think that you've added some wonderful pieces to your wardrobe so whether you finish the SWAP or not is moot!

velosewer said...

You've made some really lovely pieces. That's and achievement.

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