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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free time

My pile-o-pants are done. Seven pairs in the end, four of them for my SWAP. My ironing board looks like the counter at a dry-cleaner.

Now all I have to do to have that whole SWAP thing done is one raincoat and I am waiting for the folks at Vogue to send it to me in the mail.

This is nuts isn't it? 

I have a fabric store with that exact same pattern at the bottom of the street. But I am letting myself stall up here on the hill because I am getting it so much cheaper with that BMV membership which I have only because I pay for it, for probably about what I think I am saving.

Tomorrow I am going to start something else to be determined that is totally random while I wait for my raincoat pattern.

It only has to be in bright colours. 

This old February is about as much a nuisance as January was if you are a person who was actually supposed to be born in Hawaii but by some mistake turned up in the  Winnipeg Manitoba ( I was born in something called the Maternity Pavilion according to my birth certificate - what's up with that? Makes it sound like my mother gave birth in a  gazebo).

I think right now I need summer fabrics and colour like those English sailors craved limes on those long sea voyages.

I am sure I am coming down with sewer's scurvy. 

Too many black gabardines, too many grey flannels not enough citrus coloured linens or big loud old prints for big loud old days.

I don't know what I am going to do tomorrow but it is going to have some colour in it.

This waiting for things in the mail is kind of funny since mail itself is fading. 

In fact I can't mail any Valentines yet because I don't have any stamps in the house, and hardly do anymore.

This has got me thinking of those people you run into sometimes in some work places or on some sidewalks who have a lot to say about "the good old days" like they talk about the "kids today" as if they weren't far worse and didn't start a few fires in the the field behind the school in their day.

I don't have much time for the "I remember when" folks.

The things that really are most worth remembering are the things you think about in private, the things that are so close to you that it would spoil them to bring them out.

That's the part of the past you keep.

The fact is that things in this world are much improved and here is part of my list, add to it if you want:

  • Skype and facebook and emailed iPhone pictures for grandparents who aren't as close as they want. How much did people miss when they were waiting for those flimsy airmail letters in blue paper? My mother had a cousin who went from Canada to England to play hockey once and never came back his whole adult life, except for a few visits. How did his mother ever manage? I just don't know.
  • Sergers. If yours has ever been broken you find out really fast that there is no way pinking or turning under and stitching cuts it ever again for seam finishing. Some things are necessities of life.
  • Online shopping. This doesn't need any explanation. How did we ever do Christmas without it? Or Paypal? You don't have to put your boots on, or warm up the car, or try to find that other mitt, or go out when you are tired and hungry. You can buy all you want while you in your slippers and are eating spaghetti. This is advancement.
  • Ebooks and audio books from the library. This means you can still borrow when your overdue fines are so huge you are embarrassed to look anyone over there in the face. It means you don't have to carry bags of books with you on vacation and drop them in the water and the sand so when you get home you not only have to pay overdue fines but also replacement fees for books that were often not all that well-written or interesting or funny, or worse were about such depressing people that you quit after chapter three - but that you still have to replace. Ebooks are returned automatically in cyberspace if you are responsible or not, unharmed. And audio books can be listened to when you are going to sleep if you put your iPad in the bedside table drawer and set the timer. And they will put you to sleep because most of the time they are read by the wrong people, some English matron trying to make the voice of a Chicago cop for example.
All of these things did not exist in the good old days and that's too bad. 

Now to what I don't get:

  • Body wash. When did they decide that soap didn't work? Why do we have one more tall plastic bottle falling off the side of the tub? 
This part of the modern world I don't get.

What about you?


Bunny said...

Big Smile.

Lena Merrin said...

Online tutorials! How would you ever learn anything new without online tutorials?? :))

gMarie said...

What a great list. Hmm - on my good list - heated seats in the car - love that! Telecommuting - that makes work gooder.

Bad things? hmmm, I'm hard pressed to come up with one. g

Meg said...

i agree with you about technology, where would I be without YouTube and all it's glorious knowledge and entertainment. But I do love liquid soap. It is cleaner as a hand wash in bathrooms etc, doesn't leave as much mess nor leave a half used cake of soap for the next person. In the shower it is perfect. Especially if you share your shower...no nasty body hairs stuck to the soap from the last user.

wendy said...

Love this post! Made me smile with my morning coffee :)

Judith said...

LOL! Just love your approach to life...J

Linda said...

Your post was great. Add Threads Digital Magazine on your tablet. Sewing DVD's and portable DVD player.

Kay said...

It's google for me! Where can I ask the same question again and again and yet again and still get million answers, without being judged or rolled eyes or snickers that I didn't get it the first time.

Then the convenience of smart phones to look up anything or message anybody in any part of world for free... I feel connected - not to mean the networking or linked to part of it - but I really feel connected to my best friends around the world.

Also love the amazing tutorials videos people gladly share online and on YouTube.

What I don't get about modern world - that Facebook has become life and real life has taken backseat.

nobody said...

I love body wash! I use it only in the winter. I have coconut body wash, and when I get out of the shower I use Malibu lotion. Both the tiny bathroom and I smell like a tropical beach. It gets me through those cold, sub zero days.

Meegan said...

Stickers on fruit. I don't get that.

RebeccaHoward said...

Great post as usual. Definitely agree with the ebooks thingy great idea for the audio books. Have seen them in the library catalogue and figured they were for old people but then maybe I am getting that way myself. No no no don't even think that. But I will try that idea. I'm adding microwaves to the new stuff I love. Don't have to decide anymore one night what I'm going to eat the next night and pull it out if the freezer. How good is that?

badmomgoodmom said...

I'm with you. I took a break from sewing long underwear to make myself a bright flowered sundress. I even lined it in silk. http://badmomgoodmom.blogspot.com/2013/02/make-something-out-of-silk-month.html

Things I don't miss about the past: my multii-racial marriage would not have been legal in many states a few decades ago.

Things I look forward to in the future: marriage equality for all.

Things I like about today: the internet, parabolic skis, sealed hubs, winter strawberries grown with recycled municipal wastewater in my CSA box http://badmomgoodmom.blogspot.com/2013/01/winter-strawberries-are-arriving-this.html.

LinB said...

Things I don't miss about the past: women could not get credit under their own name. You had to be married, and your husband had to sign a permission slip.
Things I don't get about modern life: video games. I failed at the original Pong, and gave up.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't give up on the body wash. Body wash does not create soap scum on the show floor and walls, etc. Without the soap scum, you can dramatically cut down on the number of times you clean your shower and when you do clean it's so much easier...no need for harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing. Opens up a lot of time for more sewing.