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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Barbara's Useful SWAP part three

Some of you may remember my great success with Indygo Junction's London Jacket a while ago.

Since I am so in love with that pattern I do what I usually do when I find a winner and emailed the company with a link to my review. As the result of that exchange Indygo offered to send me a copy of the next pattern I reviewed to give away to my blog readers, on the agreement that my review would be exactly what I thought.

That pattern, and the next in my SWAP tops, is this one:

It is sort of zany (that's what I am calling it) and I completely, absolutely am crazy about it. This really is a well-drafted but simple pull-over top and just made for large bold prints - something I love but always have a hard time figuring out how to use.

Here is my version, on the quiet dummy until my whole SWAP is done and I do a photoshoot or what passes for one of those around here.

Now you might think this is pretty wild, but if you have ever met me in person you would know this is my personality - for better or worse. This is the only kind of floral I can wear:

On a hanger. This way you can see the pleat. After I made the pleat and hemmed the top I went back into the inside and edge-stitched close to the fold of each side of this box pleat, right down over the hem too, to help the pleat keep its shape as this is a cotton. The tunic view has you actually edge-stitch the pleat from the outside to set the pleat. 

You are supposed to notice I matched the print on the patch pockets. Really I had no choice with a print this obvious.

Crooked placement on a dress form. Oh well. Still a great top.

Having matched one pocket I had to do the other one. The skill level is amazing.

I am very taken with this pattern. How often do you get something that really is this easy to sew, a cotton around the house top even, that has some style? I think I look wonderful in it with slim pants or my Magic Straight skirt.

A few observations:

  • The collar in cut on the bias and not interfaced. I made the shorter version somewhat lengthened in this top and a single layer collar. If I did it again I would use the collar version for the tunic when is doubled and folded over.
  • The neckline is very early 60's and wide. Take advantage of the four raglan seams and the seam down the top of the sleeve to fine-tune this opening a bit. Baste first, try it on, and then commit.
I will definitely be making more of these (could be lengthened to a dress too) and the first person who emails me directly with a name and address can have a copy of this pattern sent out to her.

After two hits I am going to go back and look at a few more of patterns from this company - as a garment sewer I had never considered their line for someone who is not a quilter, which just goes to show, well something I am sure.

More than anything I am pleased to sew something so easy that doesn't compromise drafting quality.

Now onto cutting out the next few tops for my SWAP before I go back to work full-time.


SewRuthie said...

Its cool, but not me (so don't put me in for the pattern), but I love the print and would make a knit version of that print into a tee :-)

Pattyskypants said...

I'll be curious to know what happens when it is laundered. I'm always in the market for a comfy smock-top!

The Hojnackes said...

I love the neckline on this top! How smart to match the pattern on those pockets.

Steph A said...

Love it!!! The print and colour are fabulous, as is the print matching on the pockets!

Anonymous said...

Very nice and so colourful.


gwensews said...

That is just kicky! I like IJ patterns. Have a few. You are really on a roll, lady. Sew on!

Karin said...

I really like the print. I've learned that they generally don't suit me and to save them for home decorating projects. However, if I were taller, I am sure that I could go for it! Yours is a lovely graphic print that would look very chic with white trousers in the summer.
Don't put me down for your contest, nice as the pattern is, I just don't look good in raglan sleeves. I am a pronounced pear shape and raglan sleeves just make my shoulders recede even further.

Mary said...

The fabric is definitely you. Looks like a really comfortable top. I imagine that my narrow shoulders would require some pattern adjustment for that collar or I would end up with an unintentional off the shoulder look...not good at my age.

Bunny said...

I can definitely see this top being very flattering for you. Can't wait to see it on, especially with the slim pants.

I love Indigo Junction patterns as well, their styles, anyway. I've yet to actually make one. They have a couple of coat styles that are really great and fun. That's it. Their patterns are fun.

Sandra said...

love it! A tunic with pockets is my all time favourite thing to wear. I really have to check out their pattern line.

Lyrique said...

Wow! I really like this pattern. That's my next pattern order. Your top looks terrific, so I'm looking forward to seeing it on you, too.

carolinascallin said...

Really cute top! Love the longer length - and the pattern is fabulous! Well done. I'll have to look at these patterns.

LornaJay said...

That looks like a lot of fun to wear. How do you think it would look on a plus size (brick outhouse shaped) person...?

gMarie said...

This is a wonderful top. I would love to email you to try and win, but I can't see your email - boo. I can't wait to see your reveal. I think this would be lovely as a dress, with tights and boots. g

Barbara said...

LornaJay I think this top would look great on a plus sized person, there is a good shoulder fit and the flare would work to give shape. I would say go for it.

Julie Culshaw said...

Off the topic here, but Barbara, can you recommend any online sites for swimwear fabric? any in Canada? thanks.

Anne Frances said...

That looks good and I admire the pattern matching. In case it is one of the patterns you are thinking about I had distinctly mixed feelings about the Indigo Junction Chinois jacket - see http://sewing.patternreview.com/review/pattern/78542
I think it would depend just what style you wanted to achieve. I hope that could be helpful

Sharon Morrison said...

I like the pattern and would probably make it in a solid color. Very clever to match the pockets.

Barbara said...

A couple of answers. FIrst Julie I don't sew bathing suits anymore, not since I discovered Lands End's long, and buy most of my fabric in or from the US these days, sorry about that.

Anne Francis thanks for the link to the review. I can certainly see you point about the sleeves. I am planning a loose coat that can go over all these tops so I will have a close look at the sleeves once the pattern arrives. Appreciated the heads up.

JuliaRu said...

I love your version of this top!! will have to check out Indygo Junction again.

I always enjoy your funny reviews. thanks!