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Friday, October 19, 2012

Raw denim

I thought you would enjoy this.

My youngest son has just brought over a pair of "raw denim" jeans to hand wash. The idea of hand washing is beyond his great brain.

I had to google the instructions but he was right.

Raw denim is denim that has not had the dye rinsed out. Therefore as you wear it, the dye comes away in the creases and you get patterns of fade that are individual.

"Like the human finger print!" the manufactures claim.


In case you are ever up against raw denim here is what you are supposed to do:

1. Wear them all the time. Sleeping in your jeans is recommended.

2. Waiting 6 months to wash them.

3. Yes you read #2 right.

4. Fill a bathtub with lukewarm water and a non-detergent detergent.

5. Turn the jeans inside out and submerge them and weigh them down with something.

6. Soak for 45 minutes, rinse, and hang outside, upside down, to dry.

7. Go back and see your mom in 6 months.

On the leading edge over here.


Jodie said...

6 months!?!! I'm sure your son likely showers every day, but the idea of not washing something that touches my skin for 6 months kind of squirms me out.


Far said...

LOL! :)

LinB said...

That used to be a HUGE fail, in jeans manufacture. What's the brand, that's taken this denim "lemon" and spun it into denim "gold"?

Bunny said...


Clearly a manufacturer making the most of his bad season of sewing. Made in China?

Andrea said...


Brenda said...

There was a news story within the last year about a guy who didn't wash his jeans for a year! Freezing them kills any germs, btw.

Texan said...

I have to second or however many it is on the ewwww 6 months? and how uncomfortable sleeping in jeans? LOL

debbie said...

I'd heard the term raw denim but never really knew what it meant. Now I do.

Um yeah, 6 months. NO. Just no. Although I've read about raw denim diehards that never actually wash said jeans. They store them in the freezer.

Sandra said...

Ever the educator. LOL Thanks, Barb. I kind of feel like I don't want to get too close to anybody who's wearing jeans now. Cuz maybe they're part way through this process, like at 5 months of the "wear for 6 months" part.

Scenic Route said...

Mercy. This is progress?

Pattyskypants said...

Um, this is similar to what we used to do in the 50's. Get a new pair of "dungarees" at the beginning of summer, go down the shore, wear them every day in and out of the water. Eventually they conformed to your body and faded to "just perfect." Maybe if you added some salt to the soak . . .