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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Checking in

No I haven't forgotten about this blog or about my neglected sewing.

I have had my son from New York here and for a while his beautiful girlfriend too and I have started back at school.

Well the first part has been fun and the last part nuts.

We have some serious staffing issues at work and good old Babs is taking up a course overload (called that because you feel overloaded) and laughing at how much I am booked for.

The key question is what is this going to do to my sewing?

I mean I am going to need to keep sewing to maintain my wonderful good humour all term.

I am suddenly understanding the real true value of TNT's. 

This is clearly my fall to be working with those. Something I can count on, something that will always turn out and let me have the process to just enjoy. I usually go into new patterns for a new season but maybe not right away with this fall.

What are my TNT's?

  • Scarlett's narrow long and now perfectly fitted knit dresses for pre-school. 
  • My Stylearc Linda pants and maybe the Elle pants too.
  • My two Stylearc shirts the Jane and Sasha.
  • My Pamela's patterns Magic Skirt
  • The Pamela T shirt - mark 2 (to be pictured soon)
  • The FBA-ed cardigan also from Stylearc
Interesting no Big 4s in the list.

And as a treat I booked a flight for myself to New York the middle of November for a few days to see the son and girlfriend also listed above. To pick up some new fabric (of course) and see some of the many sights I have yet to see.

Right now tonight I am also trying to book accommodation. I have stayed in a couple of nice hotels so far (small though in NYC I found out) and I was going to book one of those.

My son however, who like all my children thinks I am cooler than I am, despite all the evidence to the contrary, thinks I should try Airbnb. He figures for the price of a decent hotel I will have a more NYC experience and more space - and more options in the East Village where he lives.

This seems a pretty radical idea for a middle-aged mom, but I am open to new ideas, despite my lack of coolness. I have searched a few listings for apartments versus rooms and have been looking at quite a few places where they could have done a better job of making the bed.

Places with flags on the wall and Christmas lights strung over the fireplace are out. 


I am looking for security doors and not 5 flights of stairs. I considered one place because I spied a dress form in the picture and because it said the host was a professional "happiness coach." We don't have many of those in Nova Scotia, unless you count the grandmothers, but it doesn't sound like a bad thing.

Or does it?

Do mothers do this?

Should they?

I have emailed one person who has advertised a studio that is all in white and has a doorman. I said I was looking for a place to knit after visiting my son. Haven't heard back.

This keeping growing stuff is as much of a challenge as a good idea on paper.

What do you think?


Barbara said...

I'm leaving in the morning for a short visit to Chicago where I'll stay in an apartment booked through Air BnB. If it's as good as the places I've booked through VRBO in the past, it should be great. I'll let you know!

Unknown said...

We stayed in Hoboken, NJ and took the PATH train right into downtown New York. Fast and cheap.

Bunny said...

My sister just booked a stay at a B&B in Brooklyn for small money. It has a great reputation and she and hubby will take the subway into town.

Rachel said...

I keep looking at this
Now that my brother has moved from Brooklyn to St. John's (how could he!) I still dream of going back to NYC some day.

Unknown said...

This is a site for B & B's in NYC. I haven't tried it, but there are customer comments on each one.