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Friday, August 17, 2012

More designer inspiration: Tory Burch

Obviously this is not the place to go for reviews of the collections (unless your idea of a collection includes aprons and 14 Magic Skirts) and definitely not the place to go to find out what's "on trend."

As far as trends go I hope to have established myself as someone who is so uncool they are actually cool.

I am sure that's possible.

However I do a far amount of fashion and other type surfing, particularly in the morning when I am working hard at avoiding doing Any Real Work.

I can't say I have found my designer until maybe this morning in Tory Burch. So many of her designs are sewing copyable.

Here are some favourites:  

This is a peplum top in a sweater. Perfect. You could just add this to a T shirt and if I got out some of my books I am sure I could draft a pattern for the peplum.

This is the Style Arc Cozy Cardi in three fabrics.

Here it is again in two fabrics

I would kill for this pattern. I love the collar. If I found another pattern like this could I add it to another coat? Draft it? I suspect you need a stand to get that collar lift.
Pretty stuff eh?

No really back to work.


Maureen Cunningham said...

A couple of years ago when I was walking through Nordstrom with my then 14 year old daughter she spied a coat she wished to try on. Ohhh, the adorablenesse and yes it was a Tory Burch. She looked just like the model. To ms. Burch's credit there was some very unusual seaming especially in the back. There are no commercial patterns that even come close. I would have had to do some fairly tricky pattern drafting to replicate this, so ultimately my daughter did not get a new coat. Since it hasn't been under 60f for the past two winters here in Southern California, I think there has been no loss.

Maureen Cunningham said...

Oh, the coat was $2,945 US dollars.

LinB said...

Yes, you'd definitely need a collar stand. All those Restoration jackets of the 1820s, where the gentlemen's collars wing all the way out to their shoulders, are based on a high collar stand.

Judith said...

Gorgeous coat!

خياطة وتفصيل said...

thank you so much ^_^