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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stitching some seams

I decided yesterday to start sewing again essentially so I wouldn't lose my mind. 

With this crowd no explanation necessary.

I wanted to just have a hour long easy project to do that would get me at the machine watching those lines of stitches form fast without a pattern or a lot of intellectual effort.

So I made up an apron from a random yard of cotton that I can't even remember buying or for what. 

I didn't have enough for pockets which was too bad, when I have an apron on I pick up pins and needles that seem to run around on the floors around here, and I sort of pleated the neck straps and the top of the bib so it wouldn't gape. 

See even aprons have fitting issues.

I tried to disguise this a bit with a foot of lace I will never use for anything else and a big floral button in the same category.

Listen I wear aprons all the time. All the time. 

I don't wear them as a political statement in solidarity with generations who did Women's Work, and looking around at the blogs I certainly don't wear them because of my alligence to the role of Submissive Wife, a concept I don't know much about and am not going to be exploring.

I wear aprons, to cook, to eat spaghetti, to clean, to wash the dog, because I am really messy. Sometimes I wear them in the sewing room when I am dressed in a dark color and sewing something with threads.

And there was that time in a former life when I tore down to the Legislature to a press conference I had organized and whipped of my coat, and there I was wearing an apron.

My worlds collide.

Of course the thing about aprons is that in their role as spill catchers they get kind of messy.

So a person needs a bunch unless you want to walk around your house in the stained version of some flasher's old raincoat. I have been meaning to make a few aprons for a while and for that reason, but since StyleArc doesn't have an apron pattern, and neither does Claire Shaeffer, I haven't got around to it.

But this seems like a current situation relevant project.

So here I am in the first iteration as non apron sewers say. I had a lot of fun making it.

And now I can say I am back on the horse, or in this case the pony.

More of these to come I think.


Andrea said...

Pretty apron. I'm an apron wearer too, especially when cooking. Keeps my clothes cleaner.

Sandra said...

Very pretty apron--good use of that fabric. I wear aprons all winter for added warmth. Of course that's on top of multiple layers of clothing. And I have learned to wear aprons when cooking and doing other household chores, after ruining so many clothes that I had previously been able to wear outside the house. Slow learner, me. Oh, and I always add a pocket or two at the very least, sometimes more, for my itouch (podcasts), tissue, lip gloss, all those things that I'm reaching for all the time. Oh and i think that wearing an apron makes me look like I'm more than I might be at that moment. I LOVE aprons!

LornaJay said...

Hello from another apron-wearer, and definitely in the same camp as you are. I wear my aprons for practicality - and especially love my egg-yolk yellow twill one with black bias round the edges. So cheery on a damp Scottish day....

I'm also still trying to find a way to get good coverage at the front without that drape between the boobs. So far, the best solution has been to pin darts starting at the inside edge of the straps and take them down as far as needed.

Have fun with your sewing.

annie said...

Perhaps ought to make an apron. My life time solution to food messes is a long sacking towel tucked into my shirt or waistband. Works but not attractive. However, easier to pull off when discovered at press conferences!

Louisa said...

Yay for sewing! Cute apron. But I agree - I also have apron fitting issues. Aprons all seem to be designed flat and our bodies...aren't.

Anonymous said...

Hah, but there is a Style Arc apron pattern! You can find it in the accessories section.

Love your apron and glad that you were able to get in some sewing therapy.

Anonymous said...


Bunny said...

Excellent project for some short term time investment. Looks great, Barb, and hope you're feeling well.

LinB said...

Oh, I do love me an apron! I have friends who swear and declare that you can teach a child to wash its hands and wipe them on a towel, but I have observed that, "once a wiper, always a wiper." Down the front of whatever clothing I/my daughter has on. Aprons prevent the loss of more expensive clothing. I prefer a simple carpenter style, as no gathers are necessary. I like them l-o-n-g.

velosewer said...

I'm glad you beginning to feel better. And you've made a wonderful apron too.
I wear aprons to cook - all the time.

velosewer said...

PS. My husband and two aprons of his own...

Rosy said...

As funny post! I do not think an apron equals submissive wife, I think it is a useful garment can also be beautiful and elegant .... you have these two things in your apron!