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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My apologies to Nova Scotia

I feel bad sometimes when I post from northern Florida in raptures about the climate, the beach, and the wildlife.

I usually throw in an I hate winter comment and am probably not doing an ad for Tourism Nova Scotia when I do that.

There is another truth and that is that when it is not winter this is a beautiful province. 

Unlike a lot of Maritime provinces, and states, Nova Scotia is as beautiful, some would say more so, inland as it is on the lighthouse picturesque coast.

I decided I owed it to home to show you some of that.

These pictures were taken last weekend by a family friend, Doug Townsend, at Milford House a fishing camp type place our family has been going to for years. In fact my daughter had her wedding there.

Basically it is a collection of little fishing cabins built over a hundred years ago around a lake. Unchanged really since then and I am not kidding about that. OK, they have plumbing and running water and simple cooking areas and the sheets have been changed but that's it. Each cabin has a dock and there are canoes.

As a mother I liked it because there is also a main building where local women cook a country breakfast and dinner largely based on whatever there is in the garden. 

It's not the kind of place where you ask if there is wireless.

It is however a place for kids to spend afternoons poking sticks into the water, for canoe trips, and for reading paperbacks in chairs that were put on the porch an hundred years ago.

So here is my Nova Scotia, at least one part of it.


Colleen G said...

It does look restful and beautiful. We're headed to that area in a week or so. I checked out the website and, wait for it, I see they now offer WIFI in the main lodge. Can't keep it out! lol. Thanks for the heads-up.

LinB said...

How entirely lovely! And no alligators.

BeckyMc said...

Beautiful! I feel the same way about the Pacific Northwest. The most beautiful place on earth in July and August, and the MOST annoying climate on the planet the other 10 months.

Karin said...

It looks very inviting. Are there Mosquitos?
If there aren't any mosquitoes, then it's heaven.

shams said...

Beautiful, but I also wonder about the mosquitoes.

Andrea said...

This Floridian loves the Northern Clime. It looks beautiful, and sounds like a great place to get away from it all.

How are the mosquitos? Of course, they are vicious here.

Barbara said...

I have never taken bug stuff when we have gone there and I don't remember needing it. These are hardwoods mostly and you get the bad bugs with spruce. Also there isn't any standing water and there always seems to be a breeze, particularly at night. That helps.

Bunny said...

Hey, that's my canoe you have up there on the ceiling!

You live in a beautiful area. I did not picture Nova Scotia like this, always just having coastal images in my head. Thanks for the enlightenment. It really is lovely.

Mae said...

I grew up in Nova Scotia, first the Dingle Road in Halifax and then Wolfville. Both very beautiful places. However, I'm one of those solar powered people so now I live in North Queensland Australia so my batteries are charged year-round.