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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Burdamode and the new profile

Recently I posted about the new McCalls early fall patterns and how they looked very '70s and '80s to me. On an impulse I had a look at the latest Burda Mode magazine, online in the French edition, to see where the trends are going. BTW most of these styles are also available, and can be viewed and bought as downloads, at the Burdastyle site.

For quite a while now Burda magazine has lost me, somewhere along the way of plunging necklines and clothes that seemed too artificial for me.

But I would be the first to say that Burda often foreshadows what I see in the stores and on the streets over here by at least a couple of seasons. So it is a good indicator of how shapes, styles are trending for me.

Based on that it looks like we will all be resetting the clocks back to more than a few decades as first suspected. I mean look at this jacket:

Now before we all panic, here are the pluses. 

Easy to fit and easy to sew. Might be able to let that extra ten pounds glide by too. But it will take some getting used to and as with any profound shape change I will have to be careful not to cut into any good fabric with something that may start to look dated before I wear it. Some serious pattern culling might be required.

Who is going to be the first to try this new look out?


Mary said...

I celebrate the changes happening! While I cannot wear that boyfriend jacket as it is modeled, I can see me sewing something similar in a fabric with more drape and femininity. Bring the button up toward the bustline and change the hemline also. Love, love, love the high-waisted pants with vest also.

LinB said...

"The first to try this new look out?" I never stopped wearing this look, lol.

Cennetta said...

I really appreciate Burda's ability to stay on top of the coming trends. Like you said, they are ahead by a few seasons on style trends. But for the past two seasons, I seen a lot of 70 and 80 styles in online stores, patterns, and in a few magazines. I like the 70's styles that I seen, but not so thrilled about some of the 80 design. So I will certainly pick and choose the best styles for me.

annie said...

Oh,no. Not big shoulder pads again!

Martha said...

Looks like dresses and skirts are still on trend. I always did love a pants suit, but like annie said, please no huge shoulder pads.

Janine said...

Oh perhaps I shouldn`t have culled those 80s patterns.

BJ in TX said...

I am so ready for this! I have found it absolutely amazing in the last few years at how tight everyone wears their clothing - no matter how big the muffin top (I hate that phrase) or tummy, tight body-hugging tops were/are (?) in style. Enough already. It will be nice to see looser clothing on ALL of us...not to mention the comfort factor!

BetsyV said...

not me, no way, terrible. The 80's were horrible, style-wise, for me. I looked 30 pounds heavier than I was during those awful days.