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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Toy store

My daughter and the two little girls are coming for three weeks the week after next, to be joined later by my wonderful son-in-law.

I remember enough about toddlers to know that a bored kid is a whiny kid (not that grandchildren ever whine, that was their parents), so this week I hit a fantastic consignment store and look what I picked up cheap, cheap.

The furniture is not quite to scale but it will do for a 2.5 year old who likes to pretend. I am going to have to go back for a bag 'o Barbies and find some clothes somewhere. I do not make Barbie clothes. Setting in those sleeves is as dumb as it gets.

A big bag of dress-up clothes.

Unused Easy-bake oven, but going to have to make up my mixes, who knows how long the ones that came with it have been around or what's in them? Do you believe it? An easy-bake oven.

Golf clubs, good weight. A putter, driver and a 7/8.

For Miss Heidi

Miniature Tupperware. I think I used to own the full set life size. We are eco etc. and this is plastic but OK for water and giving Rascal drinks if he can't escape.

I would also like some books. 

When the boys were little they loved Rupert and Tin Tin. Rupert is English and they used to publish an annual that I gave the kids every Christmas. My sons were great admirers of Rupert's mother. When he would say things like "Mum I am going to fly to China on a dragon" she always just said "I'll make sandwiches" and never "be careful" or "are you crazy?" She didn't get out much, all that sandwich making.

They also went to French school and totally hated the French children's books which they told me were all about girls. Yuuk. The only French books they would read, comics really, were about Tin Tin who lived alone with Snowy, the terrier and precursor to Rascal, who was usually nearly killed in every one of Tin Tin's adventures, but like any terrier always signed up for more.

I once spent a hot afternoon in Amsterdam's red light district (those ladies are just resting) with a obsessive child (you know who I am talking about) who had been told that somewhere in the neighbourhood there was a flea market that sold Tin Tin T shirts.

Toys are important at any age.

My sewing room and points in between are full of my toys - I don't know how adults who don't still play survive.

What are your favourite toys? What do you remember? What do you play with now?


Kathie said...

Barbara, your posts often make me laugh out loud and that's priceless most days. Thank you.

Always liked making "stuff" best of all... still do.

shams said...

You scored with the toys!!

BeckyMc said...

I have great recipe for the esy bake oven! Take one angel food cake mix and one regular cake mix, any flavor. Mix them together (just the dry ingredients) and store it in a zip lock bag. Them for each individual cake,
use 3 Tablespoons cake mix,
2 tablespoons water and microwave for one minute. You are not using the microwave, so see how long it takes the easy bake oven to bake the little cake.
I made this with lemon cake mix. My sister likes chocolate. Try it!

Barbara said...

Becky you are a doll! This is exactly what I needed. Many thanks!

Bunny said...

You scored quite a haul for the babes. My favorite toys I still play with? I like to color with my grand twins. It is relaxing and such fun.