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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The cool clothes list

I woke up today in St. Augustine Florida after a long day of travel yesterday with planes cancelled etc. No matter, I always think if you can't stand the hassles you should just stay home.

Got in about 1:00 a.m. and my husband had a hot dish of stuffed peppers made for me and a big batch of oatmeal and cranberry cookies. What sort of person drives all day from Tennessee to Florida and then cooks and bakes? Completely sure it wouldn't be what I would be doing.

Guess I lucked out.

Back to sewing.

In all my waiting in airports time I decided to start a new list. Not a "what I need to sew list" not a SWAP or wardrobe planning list, but a list of clothes that I have always thought my whole life were cool or handy.

I would love it if you would add your own ideas to this list.

To give you an idea of what I mean here is the start of my List:

  • A red knitted cabled cardigan, long enough to cover my rear. Sometimes you are cold and you want warming and cheering up. I have never owned one of these. Maybe I could knit myself one. That should take me about 12 years.
  • High waisted black crepe "Hollywood pants". These would be good to have in the closet and wouldn't go out of style. Because of the looseness of the leg this is just about the only pants I could wear that I would dare tuck a blouse into. Good pants. Almost had a pair once but they were a blend and too big.
  • Black and white saddle shoes. These were the first shoes I ever wore as a kid that I thought were cool. Used to get them out of my closet and just look at them. The beginning of my shoe addiction. Since I am a sort of grown up now these might morph into golf shoes unless I can find something somewhere daywearable.
  • Seer sucker summer pajamas. Good quality 100% cotton. Tough to find, never owned any would wear them all the time.
  • One of those red jackets from the 50's with the Mexican wool embroidery on them. Sort of like this but with more organized embroidery and in red of course. Again I caught a glimpse of one of these when I was a kid and was entranced by it. The Canadian prairies are not Mexico:

 This is obviously only the beginning of the List but it is a really interesting exercise to just think of clothes you hanker for without letting your head by clouded with what's in style, what you need, what you have patterns for etc.

What would you add?


annie said...

A quilted robe, pink, with a shawl collar edged in scallops. I bought one in Hong Kong 25 years ago. It was lovely and I still have it though sadly no longer wearable.

a little sewing said...

Seersucker pajamas are wonderful. I splurged on high-end 5 years ago and sewed several sets of pjs so I could recover in style from a surgery. The seersucker wore out faster than the other fabrics, but they were nice while they lasted.

I would add a shearling jacket or coat to your list.

Kathie said...

I would add a stunning, full-length, classic wool gabardine trench coat in a fabulous deep purple!

BeckyMc said...

I think the classic Chanel style jacket is on my list. Wear it with skirts, pants, jeans. And it will never be out of style, or if it does go out, I won't care.

Bunny said...

The saddle oxfords would not be on my list, just too much Catholic school!

Clothes I hanker for: Red peep toes. I have not place to wear them.

Nude platforms. Same problem.

A pair of 700.00 pants by any designer. I have seen these and just wonder what they would do for my butt.

A Burberry trench coat.

Guess I need to start thinking about that coat.

Martha said...

Definitely the Mexican wedding dress worn in the 60's and 70's, especially if you lived in Texas. They were cotton shifts with wild colorful embroidery.

BJ in TX said...

A white eyelet dress...which would of course be worn while walking on the beach, barefoot, with my hair gently blowing in the breeze.

And I'm course I'm in my 20's instead of....well, as old as dirt.

petunia said...

Madras plaid in the azure-turquoise family. Other color families accepted as well.

velosewer said...

I was just thinking that for my xxth birthday, I want a Burberry coat. Any Burberry coat.

And that's all I want.

Cleverclogs said...

A loose but not oversized shirt in cream silk to go over jeans and under a suit. Had a RTW one for years, wore it out, got the pattern tweaked ready to sew my own can't find the silk I want! Also, a fabulous pair of soft italian leather boots with really high heels to go with jeans, also with suit. Had one once and wore them till the leather was in holes and won't ever be able to walk in those heels again. But I can dream!

Rebecca Clayton said...

That red corduroy jacket you made recently would be on my list. Also, white shirts.

Anonymous said...

A real suede trench for fall! Chestnut brown or somewhere in the red family. A chartreuse linen pant suit for summer. These are things worth having IMO. Vibeke in Oslo ps love your writing style.

Deb said...

A designer jacket by Tom and Linda Platt. A balmacaan garbardine coat by an English bespoke tailor. An original Clare McCardle handbag. A vintage Schiaparelli gown in shocking pink (and somewhere to wear it to).