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Friday, March 30, 2012

Update from Winnipeg

This is an IPad post and slower than usual, so bear with me.

My mom is home from the hospital after a one hour round of farewells to everyone thanking them for the great service and to the entire housekeeping staff for their excellent work keeping the hospital so clean. I have been cooking a lot since we got home , since it turns out that my mom's diet is the same as Mr. Rascal's it has been pretty easy. My deaf sister and 13 year old niece live with my mom and since my niece is currently a vegetarian I have been expanding my repertoire (I am sort of a semi vego myself) and tonight's mushroom burgers were not bad and the buns sort of held them together which was helpful.

The day my mom came home the federal budget was released so she watched that whole thing, analyzing it by phone with her friends and relatives, and once she heard they are not going to produce any more pennies spent the rest of her day rolling pennies to get them down to the bank and doing her tax so her "affairs would be in order just in case."

We have tried to talk to her about not tutoring at the school 3 days a week, driving grandchildren to school and swimming lessons, the altar guild, having her hair done at 6:30 am, and doing errands for half the community, but I think it's more or less hopeless.

In fact I know it's hopeless.

All in all it has been a very good visit, particularly because my mother is still here. I will be going to Florida to meet my spouse when my other sister comes home.

In the middle of it all my daughter's business has continued to grow and I got a Rick rack SOS. My niece and I made an outlet fabric store run and proved that it is possible to spend $127.00 on a bit of ribbon and A ton of Rick rack if there are two of you and you move fast.

Not sure how the app is going to handle this buy here goes . Press publish.


Sharon said...

So glad you Mom is back home and trying to get them to change their routine, forget it, just support her as much as you can.

Wow I didn't think you could spend that much on ric rac and ribbon, well done.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm glad to hear that your mother is home and doing okay. Glad you were able to be there with her!

SewRuthie said...

Glad your mother is home. Love her spirit.