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Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's missing?

You might notice that something is gone from this blog.

No more You Can Never Have Too Many White Shirts icon.


Well you can, I decided.

Have too many white shirts I mean.

Now you know.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I decided after three that I had never been so bored out of my mind with any of my ideas like this one.

This dumb idea turned my sewing into a chore.

Every time I went into my sewing room I saw this huge pile of white fabric and this heap of shirt patterns and they both seemed to say to me "Well Babs, you better get to work or you are going to look like a fool."

Well, so what?

I don't need my sewing to nag me.

Truth is there are other areas of my life I take pretty seriously.

Yesterday I more or less finished up on a really hard distance course I have been working on. It may not be perfect but it really is the best I can do at this stage. In fact, funnily enough, I feel right now I am doing the best work of my life - just when I thought I was going to downshift.

I also put everything I can into my relationships with my family. The best this particular person's got. 

Mind you, as my kids will be the first to tell you, it's not always great - like giving my son's beautiful and profoundly polite girlfriend a complete summary of all his childhood illnesses over dinner at a chic restaurant in NYC. She probably didn't need to know what the pediatrician said every visit. But now she does.

I mean I can, and often am, deeply clueless but I give it all I've got when I am.

I try to be a good dog mother. 

I even searched the house at 3:00 a.m. two nights ago to try and find Mr. Rascal because his soft complaining woke me up. Turns out he was sitting in the dark in the bathtub waiting for me to turn on the taps so he could have a little drink - he doesn't like the dog bowl water when it has been sitting there, like overnight.

So I can't let my sewing be another thing I have to try so hard at. There simply can't be any duty in it for me.

Sewing is what I want to do when it's time for a break. Sewing can't ever be something that I need a break from.

I have to admit that this morning I am putting the Wild Ginger fitting in that box right now too. 

This is just me but as a sewer I work in fabric and in front of a mirror and in front of a sewing machine. The idea of going back into that software and fiddling with the numbers and printing off a pattern and sewing up another muslin and then going back into the software to transfer in and back and forth so I can get out say a camp shirt to spit out just feels like something that is too much work for me right now. That sort of describes what I have already done working all week on my distance course in fact.

So Wild Ginger is going back into the box for a while, at least until it seems to me that will be a fun thing to do.

As to my wonderful friends who signed up to sew white shirts I am transferring you to my blog roll this weekend, which is where you belong.

More later.


Mary said...

You are a smart woman!!

shams said...

Hear hear! Glad you've decided to keep sewing fun. Mojo can die under too many rules/restrictions. :)

me said...

Sounds like a great idea to me.

Hohe stream said...

I've been considering buying a program to help me with pants fitting, now I know I won't. I work with computers all day and the thought of fighting with a program in my sewing room gives me shivers. I'm new to sewing but one thing I'm getting from all you wonderful bloggers is - enjoy your sewing, and just keep doing it. Thanks for the honesty.

Sew Lady Sew! said...

I agree - sewing time should be fun time!

petunia said...

A profoundly polite girlfriend reflects well on the boy's mother.

Melissa said...

As a mother of a 3 and 4 year old I don't have anywhere to wear a white shirt too! Looking forward to that day (but not too forward, I like my messy kidos!). Until then I'll sew little skirts and other mulit-colored items!

Bunny said...

We are all the queens of our own sewing universes. You can change anything, anytime. This queen said so.

SueC56 said...

I second what Bunny said!

Catherine Daze said...

Sewing should absolutely be fun. Good for you!

Janine said...

you did end up with three useful white shirts though and inspired lots of others to sew the most useful and classical of clothing items so that is a good thing.

velosewer said...

I do agree that sewing is something that you do when you want a break, not something that you need a break from. Very clever thinking on your part.