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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catch up on the fabric shopping tour, family and points between

Gorgeous wool knit with couched yarn illustrating why a person goes to NYC. This stuff is not at Fabricville.
First of all I need to wrap up my New York trip with some trim shots to say, yes Carolyn I did hit those too, as part of my long slow runway onto my Channel jacket. My husband, who trooped around with me, did ask a few times if I didn't already have enough black trim since we were already carrying multiple yards from the last store doesn't fully appreciate how trims could be so different, but I am sure you can.

The black stuff is for the black boucle with zebra print silk lining that is waiting for me to get started, the red for some Linton tweed I picked up because after all that princess seam muslin fitting I am certainly going to be get some kind of return by making more than one:

This is crazy wool ruffle on an elastic centre so it will stretch - I love it and have no idea what to do with it.
Some poodle type trim that I now need to buy some pink boucle to go with it - sort of invoking the poodle skirt colour scheme which maybe is too literal an interpretation of the poodle resemblance.

Can't get an thing like this here - think I might try lacing some white something through it because I am so creative and the jacket lining is black and white.

What do you think about this next one? Is the red trim too much or not? You have until 2018 to make your mind up about this - I still haven't started even one Chanel jacket remember:

Of  course I followed the garment district to go to visit family in Winnipeg and to hit up Northwest Fabrics, the place where most things are $5.99 a meter, including some excellent pant weight. I saved so much there that I had to pay a $50 surcharge for a super heavy suitcase, a fact you better not mention to my husband who doesn't understand the cost of doing business completely all the time.

First the family.

Later this week the pantweight that may even be in the form of pants, or shorts, or capris, since I am not sure how much of each I bought.

My mom, 84 and sharper than I am and most other people too. She's the person who taught us all to sew even though she hates doing it herself. Great mothers do things like that.
Miss Scarlett getting to know my sisters' kids, in a sort of great grandchild on top of grandchild pyramid.

Now off to measure my fabric.


shams said...

Those are some gorgeous trims!!!!

Catherine Daze said...

I especially like that last black trim.

With the red I'd like to see it at a distance, if that makes sense, so more of the fabric's in shot. I always find myself looking at things in the mirror to get a distance effect.

Linda said...

Great trims! I like the red trim but it may just be a bit much for the jacket. It is one of those trims that need to be audition when the jacket is almost ready for attachment.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Okay you made me howl with laughter when you said that you had until 2018 to decide on what trim for the Chanel jacket and that $50 surcharge for extra luggage/fabric weight...thanks for a great start to my Wednesday morning. Glad the trim stores treated you well in NYC!

Martha said...

Love all the trims. What a day-brightening post. I'm working with a group of ASG friends to make what we call Coco's jacket. I am drowning. Thanks for the laughter.

petunia said...

What a trip you had to bring back such great treasures! And what a sweet thing you said about your mother.