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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Progress report Vogue 1128

You might want to book off tomorrow night.

If all goes well I will be posting pictures of my rendition of Vogue 1128.

I will be for ever grateful to Erica Bunker for testing the waters on this one.

Much to discuss. First of all if there was an Olympics for "Pattern photos that provide none of the information a sewer really needs" there would definitely be a gold medal for the folks at Vogue for this one as pretty as it is.

This coat has three really notable features:

1.  It is really wide. I am making a 14 and I'm not really. I wanted a coat I can layer to wear while traveling and if I am cold I can layer my spring coat, old winter coat, and bathrobe under this, and could probably also fit in my suitcase - although of course I will never get that through airport security. Oh the old days.

Hell I could even fit Mr. Rascal under there but he would never have the sense to be quiet.

I am perfectly fine with the wideness I should add. I am getting pretty fed up with slick looking coats that fit more or less like the notorious sloper.

I mean who needs a coat that you have to suck your stomach in when you wear it ?

A person wears coats when it is cold, grey, and you more or less wish you were somewhere where you didn't have to wear a coat. To my mind a winter coat has to be comforting, morale supporting, and reliable.

A winter coat has to be On Your Side.

I feel this coat is going to do that for me.

What's working up is what I would call a Dad's Coat. I think you know exactly what I mean.

2. It has really short sleeves, much disguised by the pose. I have to say 3/4 coat sleeves are a dumb idea. They might work with a outfit you would wear to a Royal Wedding, if your forearms are you best feature, but for the kind of weather you need a coat for they suck. I mean you can wear those long gloves, which I own because they were on sale, but those only really work if your garment underneath is sleeveless, well and I am not Kim Novak (please see previous post and pictures.)

And the sleeves of a work blouse and a cardi don't look the best as an alternative - hanging out at the end of a 3/4 sleeve, and only confirm for anyone left wondering that you are not Kim Novak.

All of this is to say I added 6" to the bottom of the sleeve pattern.

3. There is a tuck at the yoke and again at the hem on each side of the back which makes the back of the coat a little like a cocoon coat. 

Or it can make you look like you have the world's most giant bubble butt.

I have sort of pressed these into flatter tucks and we will see what I think of this in the light of day.

That would be tomorrow.

I have to say that despite all of this I love what I am seeing so far.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Oh goodie! Thanks for sharing this, I can't wait to see your final version.

Doobee said...

Tomorrow night it is then....it will be worth the wait...

Belinda said...

I love this coat too. Can't wait to see your version!

Anonymous said...

Pattern photos are liars. I have to keep reminding myself to look at the technical drawings instead. But does this mean that our finished garment photos are liars too?

Glad the coat is going well. I like the shape but I'd have lengthened those sleeves too!

Shannon said...

I'm with you! Three-quarter sleeves on a coat *always* tick me off. It's a coat - the sleeves need to cover my arms.

Martha said...

Great post! Cannot wait for the finale of this project.

petunia said...

I bought this pattern before I saw EricaB's coat. I was worried that the back, judging from the pattern photo, looked like the model may have had a turtle in her ancestry and the coat was drafted to cover her shell. I noticed that Erica's coat, although it looks great on her, made it look like she has slightly sloping shoulders. But she doesn't. I found more pictures of her shoulders in other garments and they look perfectly non-sloping, maybe just a tad square-ish, even. Now Erica has one of those great bodies that would look great in anything, and she's tall! At least compared to me who is vertically challenged and busty, needing squared shoulders because I think they minimize bustiness. So I have in mind some alterations for a narrow, erect back and the addition of some shoulder pads. When I first got the pattern I described it to a friend as having a slight bubble shape. I even bought enough interfacing for all of the fabric so its weight wouldn't pull that away. We are talking a heavy upholstery velveteen. But now you have terrorized me with the idea that the bubble effect will be localized to the butt and I'm visualizing the nap of the velveteen highlighting that area as well. "Oh no, oh no" as Mr. Bill used to lament in that high pitched voice of his. Please Barb, those photos of yours can't appear fast enough for me.