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Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Look 6051 bug suit

After a very fun sewing day with my local guild in a church basement I was able to produce this version of New Look 6051. It is sort of a poncho thing in bug fabric as part of my some-old-little-black-dress disguise.

No doubt some of you are going to look at this and think "is she crazy enough to be wear that?"and I can only answer, yes I am.

Of course on the night I will wear proper jewelry and deal with the hair somewhat, but for the purposes intended this is fine with me. Question for you though. You can see the grey coming in here. I decided to let my colour go in the hope that it would be good for my fine-thin-disappearing hair, make it thicker maybe or healthier, but is this a good or bad or useless idea?

Next. Back to the sewing:

Technical notes are :

1. No, the pattern did not call for an asymmetrical hem. You can achieve this exact same look in the privacy of your own sewing room by sewing the waistline elastic on crooked. Not that hard to do if you concentrate.

2. The pattern called for two button holes in the front, as waistline casing and a drawstring. I did not do any of this. Reasons- I am not so crazy as to do buttonholes in chiffon. And there is a local to this location policy, to never put details over our stomach.

Also zig-zagging on elastic on the inside was fastest, even faster if you do it crookedly. That's a tip.

So you see I am almost back under control here, and if there is any doubt here is a candid shot of my contractor/husband, entertaining me. And no I did not put his head through the wall. Tempted... Not really.

What a guy, you can see why I married him.


sdBev said...

I love your poncho! This is a great update to the LBD. The asymetrical hem is trendy. When your DH is done there, can I borrow him?

Bunny said...

I think the poncho thingy is great and will be just perfect for black tie bingo ;) .

As for the hair - I have very fine straight hair. The biggest reason I color and highlight it is because it adds texture and definitely makes it look thicker. It also adds lots of body. When my color is dieing my hair goes limp and stays that way till I get it all processed again. Looking at your hair the texture and amount seems very much like mine. So I say go with the color if you want it to appear thicker and healthier. Oh, I have recently started using a teeny amount of "serum" on my hair and that helps too. Then, the mouse goes on top, then the hairspray, then.....

Bunny said...

That was mousse, not mouse ;)

Ruthie said...

Barbara, you crack me up. Keep it up please it makes my day. Re hair colouring, yes it seems to make each hair seem a bit thicker as the colouring process opens out the shaft of each hair to get the colour to attach. My hair also seems to be curlier since I started colouring it, though I stopped at one point and cut it short and it was still curly so maybe not.

Alison said...

I agree with the others re the hair. I think it's better to keep it lighter too as there's less contrast between hair and scalp. Mine shows through in various sections and if my hair were say, dark brown, it would really show through! Although I would *love* to be dark red. Sigh.

gwensews said...

I love your little poncho. Adorable. I doubt that omitting hair color will help your problem. A good quality hair piece, dyed to match your own would work wonders, especially when you want fabulous hair for a special occasion.

Irene said...

The poncho looks great. Certainly a good way to spruce up an existing dress.
As for hair colouring - seems you've gotten excellent advice already. I shouldn't even be saying anything, because I stopped colouring mine a number of years ago. I'd rather be grey than itchy - but that's my personal problem.

Susan said...

Having the same hair issues, I asked my dermatologist if coloring my hair was making it thinner and she said it had no effect. Highlighting seems to make it appear thicker. Have a good time at black tie bingo, you'll look great.

Dixie said...

Barbara, with a dynamic, sparkling personality such as yours, you could wear anything (or nothing) to this event, and no one would even notice! Love the "poncho", love the asymmetry, love your sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Great fabric, but it looks tricky to sew. I like the poncho - much more interesting than a LBD alone. Hope the house is all sorted soon!

LinB said...

Hope all went well at Black Tie Bingo. I stopped coloring my hair when I was 40, figuring that I had earned every gray one by then (started greying when I was 12, so had been dyeing it for many years). It went all pewter, then silver, in what I was delighted to learn was a most attractive fashion. But strangers started complimenting my husband on how kind he was to take his dear old mother so many places with him. I finally gave up and went blonde for a girlfriend, who begged me to do so, as everyone knows we are the same age and she didn't want people to think that she is as old as I looked. Sigh.

a little sewing said...

You look dynamite in that dress with the floaty bug fabric. I love that idea and I would totally do that for a black tie event.