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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Butterick 5680 not exactly as illustrated

O.K. summer is overish. I have red leaves on my trees and I have had my last outdoor swim of the season.

I am dragging my mind to where I last left it.

At the end of last winter I decided I needed more warm vests.

And since I knew it would take me three years to knit a vest. at least, I have been looking for sewing patterns. Hopefully not dopey vests but something to keep my core warm in the dog walking, walking to work, side of my life. You know how sometimes you need a little something.

Like a little pie before bed, or a little chocolate to perk you up, or a vest to make that jacket or coat just a little warmer - but without sleeve bulk.

So in the last of many BMV orders (does Simplicity know how it is missing out?) I ordered this, Butterick 5680:

I am a sucker for a shawl collar and thought if the vest worked out I would try it in a longer version in the cardigan. 

I used a sort of fleece-like sweater knit as specified and made it in a medium (12-14) even though I am more a 16-18. 

Now to recap the bust for a 12 is 34" and the bust for a 14 is 36". The picture above of this vest has it sort of meet in the front.

Well folks this is what I ended up with:

Yup, a vest that measures 60" from front to front across the bust.

Now of course some of this is absorbed in the shawl collar, and of course you need ease, particularly if you are using a heavier fleece. But I figured I could have strapped two Wire-haired Fox terriers to my torso and this thing would still meet in the middle.

I know because I measured Mr. Rascal and doubled it.

This may be fine if you ever plan on doing that, but it's still something most of us won't do too often.

Don't take this as a criticism as much as a reality check and information you might want before you cut.

And it's not all bad. 

I mean if you wanted to put in buttons you would have lots of room to do it. Here is what this vest looks like, in all its generosity as is:

This is another of my what are you waiting for, take the picture shots

I made a small gaposis dart from the middle of the front arm aimed at my bust, and although I interfaced the collar as was suggested, I am not sure that would be necessary with a thicker fleece or even with this one. I was ad libbing the dart, should have made it shorter, and need to take a light iron to the hem. I see in this shot that there is a hem ripple on one side. Must be the light or the fact I threw it together just before I went off to visit my mother-in-law.

In the end I am not so much displeased with this vest as I was surprised by it. It is likely I will wear it, since I made it for warmth, wrapped around with a pin, like this, and it will do that job:

One more day before the first day of school and I hope to get at least something else started before I lose my sewing days, weekends excepted.


Ruthie said...

It looks quite drapey in the line drawing picture though Barabara! You can make something very similar from a giant oval of boiled wool (no hemming, just cut two ovals for the armholes.

Barbara said...

True enough Ruthie, thanks.

Linda said...

Wow, if I decide to make this I will remember the ease you have.

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

look at the back of that pink one...there's some sort of tuck magic going on there...wonder if you could do that to yours?

Karin said...

It's roomy, but I love that shade of red on you and the shawl collar is flattering. Not a 10/10 but certainly not a 0/10 either!

Bunny said...

I love it. I am a big fan of sweater vests, not woven, and have a slew that see much use. It is just the right thing to have on when I am going from the chillier upstairs to the woodheated, often too warm, area of the downstairs. Yours looks great.

shams said...

lol. In your pictures it is very clear that you are talking to your photographer and it is very funny!

I really like it in the picture where it is unpinned, but hanging straight. When you pin it, the darts don't fit correct -- that wasn't apparent in the previous pic.

I think this pattern has great potential for you!

Anonymous said...

Love the red and grey colour combo. Your posts always make me smile!

Cennetta said...

Summer is over; isn't it. The red vest is very stylish.

Linda M Cohen said...

Ladies: I tried this pattern as a gift for a friend. A woven knit , with clear payetts sewn all over it in a dark brown animal print. I made the XL. My friend is XL. I even made the E version so she could wear it as an overpeice. The pattern shows the yoke seam just below the breast. On mine it ws down to her belly button. I don't think this patter was tested. Talk about ease. Loved the red signle button version on you and it was funny. I'm recutting this for something else....Linda in RI