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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Fall Buttericks

Thank you, thank you sewing gods for bringing me more patterns to think about. I love the tension of trying to make up my mind.

I am doing my best to i.d. patterns that I actually will make versus ones that catch my eye, leaving room for all those other patterns I know when I see them made up on other sewers/bloggers I will want to sew too.

O.K. Here are my picks with commentary:

Of course these dresses caught my eye with the dramatic colour blocking and everything, but really how many times would you wear that orange and black number and not get sick of it? On the other hand if I had a one off event where I wanted to make a statement these would do the trick. The seaming is cool though, maybe in a solid, or how about less high contrast? Grey and black for instance. I am not going to order these but will keep my eyes open for other sewist's versions.

Nice dress and I am so happy to see knit dresses dominant this season. However if there is one thing this summer's draped and cowl necks taught me, it is that having the action around my face and neck works pretty well. I notice that the eye is drawn right to the stomach on this one. So good, but not for me.

Oh, that reminds me of something I am upset about. While my spouse is away I have been really healthy. Exercising every day, no Friday night wines, lots of vegetables, little meat - a diet right out of a woman's magazine. Well guess what?

I am now about 6.5 pounds heavier than when I started this routine. In fact I have exercised and healthy eaten myself to my all time heaviest non-pregnant weight (and that was one long time ago too).

What the hell?

I have taken action though and am dealing with this development. I have taken the scales right down to the furnace room where they can stay.

Now back to patterns.

I can't make my mind about this dress, I think I like it, all the seaming is pretty cool. Is this the one with the side zipper though? In a knit dress? What's up with that? I really need to see this on a real person. The hem width on the back of the pattern envelope is modest (high 40s) I think so it probably isn't as flared as it looks here.

Great coat, neckline would date but the coat would wear out too. Looks warm and feminine, going to get this one and make it longer for sure.

The drapey blue neckline on that one top appeals to me but I might recut it to dispense with the tails, for cooler weather wear they might drag down under a jacket and how dumb would that look?

Now those are my thoughts, what are yours?


celkalee said...

Choosing from the new patterns is exciting and distressing. I am afraid these leave me flat. The color blocking, particularly with curved seams, that ship sailed for me in 1990. The waist draping is a great look, if you are 5 feet 11 inches and 102 pounds. That little pooch I have, would just be too out there. The coat is cute, I agree, but you are right, that collar will date it quickly. If you are spending big $ on a coating wool, that would be a shame. I don't understand the "tails" on anything, they look ridiculous. Gee, can you tell I am disappointed by Buttericks new offerings? What next?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh in the middle of your post. I needed that!

shams said...

Good for the healthy living!!

Yeah, the latest crop of patterns leave me cold. Enough dresses, already. ;) There are some nice ones, but I have zero temptation to buy or make them. Probably the only pattern I might buy is the top - the last one you posted.

Remember when people wore (an sewed) separates? ;)

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

scales are from Satan...they should go back to hell where they came from. LOL and the patterns.....I love the color blocking....not really knit fan for myself...i like fabric with more weight...but those designs are really nice.

Irene said...

I love your commentaries on patterns!
Good place for those scales!

Mae said...

I love the B&W colorblocked dress. The dress with the V neck looks a little schizo to be- the neckline reads "exercise wear" but the seaming says "all dressed up". If I needed a coat or jacket, I'd go for that one. Luckily, I don't! It's midwinter now in Cairns and we are shivering through days that sometimes don't go over 25C brrrr- still, that jacket would be a bit OTT.

Beth H said...

"In fact I have exercised and healthy eaten myself to my all time heaviest non-pregnant weight (and that was one long time ago too). "

I feel your pain. That happened to me after starting to workout at Curves 2 years ago. Ugh.

As for the Buttericks, I quite liked the collection though none of my favorites are the ones you have here. I agree about the tummy-emphasis on a lot of those knit dresses, and to me the color-blocked ones do scream "Look at meeeee!!!"

There was a vest/jacket that I particularly liked, and I always love culottes in any form. There were a couple more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

Barbara said...

Mae you put into words exactly what is wrong with that seamed white dress - the exercise wear neckline of course, and Beth I am wondering what vest/jacket you liked, I am considering one too.

Beth H said...

I especially liked 5683, view b and c. The vest is a lot like one I drafted with Patternmaster once upon a time. I made it at least twice and still wear them frequently in cool weather.

BetsyV said...

Forget the scales.Get out the tape measure. You need to worry about your "Personal Fit Index" and not your weight.

BTW, did Miss Scarlett REALLY say to you "Nice dress Babs did you make it yourself?"

Barbara said...

Yes Miss Scarlett is a big talker, I can't believe the things that come out of her mouth. If she heard it once (and she would have) she repeats it. My own kids were never that articulate at that age, but her mom is putting a lot into her. I wonder if what my kids heard from me most was " just a minute, mommy is finishing a seam."