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Thursday, May 5, 2011


OK, I always wear some makeup, my basics are concealer under my eyes, eye shadow, some liner (poorly applied usually), mascara and always, always lipstick. Years ago someone at a makeup counter told me I had the perfect mouth and although its not true I am not taking any chances. I have terrible hair, kinky and fine and about half of it left my head when I had most of my thyroid out (unfortunately this is more or less accurate) but I have long ago decided that there are worse things than losing your hair. However I always wear lipstick on my perfect mouth to compensate.

Thing is that like a lot of women I doubt that my makeup "routine," and I use that term very loosely, is as current as it could be. Most of us started to wear makeup in high school and probably do the same things now we did then.

My visiting stepdaughter has shared with me some makeup artists that are all over Youtube, and all the rage in the UK, called Pixiwoo. Pretty detailed and sort of fun to watch if you need an update or just want to see how much work it is possible to put into putting stuff on your face. There are so many different tutorials they have posted so I am just going to give you a link here to the series. They use upscale products but I am sure some substitutions would work too.



Bunny said...

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. It is always "pithy". So please tell your perfect mouth and your great sense of humor that your blogging is very appreciated. Keep on!

shams said...

Wow, there are SO many videos! It feels like none of them apply to me. I wonder what one you found useful?

Barbara said...

Shams I looked at the basics video and one on eyeliner, as when I do it myself it looks like a toddler was working with a crayon. But I never go to this amount of trouble, but I feel more current at least watching a few of these. Bunny thanks so much, really often hit "post" and think these people will think I am nuts, so even if you do, but you still smile, that's good. Smiling is good.

KC said...

Ah, makeup. My mother won't go as far as the kitchen without it, but I never got the hang of it. I can't even slap on a bit of lipstick because I have almost no lips. I took a look at the makeup for mature skin tutorial, so if I ever turn blonde and sprout bewitching eyes I'll know what to do. Do they have one for how to deal with downy cheeks? Or makeup behind glasses?

Sharon said...

When my boss saw me get out the lipstick yesterday he said that there was a new dress code in the office (only 3 of us) that we all have to wear lipstick, okay with me, but the boys aren't that keen LOL.

Foundation, powder and mascara are my standard routine every day, the eyeshadow for work, going out etc. Will check out the links as I might need to update a bit.