Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Isn't technology something?

I often think how technology has changed my life. 

Look at this blog. 

On my street no one sews but me, but in this blog, and all the others I read every day, I get to communicate with other sewers all around the world. What technology has done for isolation of many kinds is amazing.

Take my sister's life.

My sister Julie is deaf and in the old days (like a few years ago) when her daughter and mother travelled out of country, or out of her sight really, she would lose all contact with them. Just wait for them to come home, or maybe a letter. 

Remember letters?

Well last night we got on Gmail Chat and they all had a conversation:

Tomorrow wee are going to Disney world and in case you are wondering what the ASL (American Sign Language) short hand for Disney World is, well you can learn it here 

Now somewhat related, or not, I have found real evidence of the Hobby Gene gone wild. Enjoy:

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