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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bright colours, spicy food

One of the things I have done these last few days is make some lime pickle, the Indian kind, because Florida so full of these great, cheap, juicy limes and I can't stand to waste them.

By the time a lime hits Nova Scotia it is pretty much dried out and fed up and not much good for anything.

I found a terrific super easy recipe that looks like it is going to be a winner. I didn't use the urad dhal (black lentils) or the asafoetida (stinky gummy stuff and who would miss 1/4 tsp?), but I did use the methi seeds once I found out that meant fennegreek which is easy to find in health food stores.

If I get motivated I might make a mango, papaya, ginger, lime chutney today. I might want to be opening a jar of that during the next snow storm.

My FabricMart box also arrived!

Very happy with the contents which included some weird print that I used to make a muslin of some very promising pants yesterday (more on that later, I made a break through), some lilac poplin that is also very muslin worthy and this stuff.

Only one piece of the Mystery Bundle has to go because I really do not do these colours at all. It's a rayon knit, 3 yards, and if it has your name on it, email me directly through the link under my profile and I will mail it off to you.

Here it is:

This is what else was in that box:

I ordered another 1.5 yard of this because that is what I already have at home and I think now I see it this should be a dress not a top. Great hand.

Two yards in the Mystery Bundle of what I have convinced myself is silk chiffon. Perfect for something I haven't thought of yet.

Two of the ponte knits. The red I will definitely wear. I like the purple but have to get my head around it. Will I look like a tall grape? But good winter stock. If I ever leave Florida.

The reason why a Mystery Bundle can be seductive. Two yards of wool jersey.

Bright (obviously) rayon challis. Dress fabric.

Most people who stalk Fabricmart have bought this. Me too.
Now back to beach walking, chutney making and pants sewing.


NuJoi said...

Enjoy your treasures!

sdBev said...

Oh yes it has my name on it. But seriously, I can't put another cut of fabric into my stash. I've now filled all the shelves and am stacking it in boxes. I must pass and allow someone else the pleasure.

a little sewing said...

ooo, I like all of your new fabrics. Your rayon knit is not my color either, but it sure is cute.

Enjoy Florida! Those limes sound appetizing.

Kelli said...

Lovely - not sure if they're my colors or not, I usually just buy what I like.

Enjoy your time in Florida! I'll be there in a few weeks and can't wait.

NuJoi said...

The fabric arrived today! It's beautiful! Thanks.