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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

A short post obviously today. 

Big dinner with extended family; new girlfriend who I love. Hope she feels the same, from a family of DC lawyers etc., and let's say this family is pretty much an exercise in diversity of many kinds but she seems to be holding up very well. Main thing is that son appears to be totally himself with her and that's what a mother looks for.

They seem to have the one thing that I consider the test of a good relationship. Here it is: you are in the right relationship when you both want to do the same things on a Sunday afternoon. They do.

I also want to talk about Easter.

In my life for some reason all the really tough things have happened around Easter and I have sort of come to wonder if there isn't some meaning in this.

Endings hold new beginnings. You have to wait for better things to start, the endings can be excruciating, but some thing new is part of the whole thing. You just have to believe it.

Last night we heard that my wonderful, extraordinary father-in-law who had been hospitalized for an infection pre some routine surgery, is dying. He is 85 and has always been the most active and absolutely most cheerful person I have known. My husband's family is handling this news with what I can only describe as great dignity and acceptance. They are practical, strong people and goodbyes were said last night. As I write this my husband is making food, getting things ready for tonight for us before he heads out again. This morning Scarlett called on the phone and at 
19 months yelled "Happy Easter. Chocolate egg."

My father-in-law's life has been full and is now complete. He loved a good meal and I am off now to start my own cooking. We have people coming.


KC said...

I hope you enjoy your Easter with all its beginnings and endings.

velosewer said...

Wishing you and your family all the best for Easter and for the times ahead.

a little sewing said...

Quite a snapshot of life. Sending your family, your DH and his father loving support at this time. Lovely to have new beginnings, too.